five minutes of me...

I just got on here to post something along the lines of a mini-tantrum but I've decided that isn't constructive and who really wants to read something like that? In any case, I'm determined to take these five minutes for myself, even if I have to ignore voices from those under the age of two. Isn't that what the experts say to do when you're having a bad day...put the baby down and take a break for five minutes? Things are going okay for the most part, but today I'm feeling emotionally run-down and out of the energy I need to give to my family. Nothing huge, I just need a break from being needed. Okay, time is up... better run...but I would appreciate your prayers:)

On another note, my sister recently returned from a trip to the Dominican Republic and has updated her blog with all sorts of pictures and accounts from her experience. Definitely worth checking out...


little fingers under the door...

Usually I would be giving Parker a very stern look and telling him to go back to bed, but during today's episode of "I won't nap", he is just cracking me up! He is playing on his toy phone and practicing his sentences while pushing his little fingers under the door to his room. Okay, so I just took a break since the last sentence and I did need to give him a stern look and take the phone away:) Stinker! I love when Parker goes through phases of verbal development...it is just amazing how many words they can learn in one day! I especially love the new sentences he is saying. For some reason he says sentences in a really deep voice! Maybe it is because he has to concentrate really hard. "Parker Stinky" is a new one he said this morning. Indeed, my son, indeed...

No post is complete without a picture...here is a recent picture of Griffin. Since this picture was taken, Griffin has begun his bout with baby acne and a balding head. Please pray for him:)


goofy kids:)

Just had to share some recent pictures of the kiddos...

*Parker was being so silly at my parent's house! He loves these red sunglasses with the lenses popped out--he wore them for a long time! And yes, that is a dog leash around his neck. HE did that to himself:) This is the kind of smile we often get from Parker nowadays when we ask him to pose for the camera!

*Believe it or not, this is the most normal looking picture I could get of Griffin after taking 15 or so shots! I'm his mama and I think he is beautiful, of course, but I must say that we sure produce goofy looking newborn babies. You can't tell in this picture, but Griffin has these shocking eyeballs that just sort of pop out of his head and make him look surprised all the time. Parker had this interesting feature until 5 months or so...as did their mama:) When Griffin is awake and making his funny faces, he usually looks a lot like this:

Yep, that is Mr. Noodle from Sesame Street! A good friend noticed the resemblance when Griffin was a week old and now the nickname has stuck! He really is our little "noodle" and he is so cute!

By the way, I'm not worried about him looking a little funny...I know this is just a goofy phase!


not as smart as I thought I was...

As I walked into my OB's office today for my six week postpartum visit, a big smile spread across my face. I know this sounds terrible, but I looked at all of the pregnant women waiting around me and was just so thankful I'm no longer in their position! I feel so good now, I can't even believe it! It also felt great to to kind of close the book on OB visits and all of that stuff for a while. I can't believe I just wrote that--when I had this same visit after Parker was born, I cried because I missed being pregnant. Such a difference this time...

Speaking of different, Griffin is so different than Parker was as a baby! I had all of these theories regarding babies and I was so sure of myself. In fact, I was probably way too prideful! I actually thought the same techniques would work with Griffin. Believe it or not, he's a totally different baby...ha! Parker was sleeping through the night at this point....Griffin isn't there yet. I think maybe Griffin is just normal and we were totally spoiled with Parker. Quite possibly, it wasn't our amazing parenting skills that produced an awesome sleeper. We were complaining to a friend tonight about how Griffin just refuses to go to sleep around 9 when we put him down and she gently explained (with a little smirk:) that this is a very common thing. Really? Here is another one: I used to be adamant that all babies like to be swaddled--Griffin hates it so much! In fact, about the only time he gets really upset is when he is swaddled. Argh! Oh, and I used to say that I would never let my baby sleep in my bed with me....guess where Griffin slept last night--the entire night?

Alright, so I'm totally a newbie again and I really should have realized long ago that I'm not a little Miss Smarty Pants...


I don't get it...

There are many subjects I am totally clueless about, but two very trivial matters have come up that sort of surprised me! I repeat...these are very trivial:) These are things that I've heard people say in passing:

"Don't all moms scrapbook?"
Uh oh...I don't really scrapbook! Someone really said this! I have dabbled a bit in scrapbooking, but I have to admit that it is more of a social thing and I don't totally enjoy the process. I used to like to talk myself into being sort of crafty but I'm really not. I think that I don't like the mess it creates and all the supplies I have to buy in order to take part. I feel sort of guilty about this because it really seems like all of the other moms around me are quite passionate about it and so talented at making pretty things for their kids! I totally admire people who are talented in this area. In fact, my sister-in-law, Andi, is the best around...she does beautiful work. Anyway, getting to the point, I wonder if other people feel this way...maybe a little guilty and sort of a minority?

EDIT*Oh no...I should really re-read my writing before I post! I meant to say that I DO enjoy the social aspect of it but not the actual process as much!*EDIT

"I didn't buy them because you can't wear black shoes in the coming season."

What?! Maybe I misunderstood. So....I don't even pretend to have serious fashion sense, but are you really not supposed to wear black shoes in the summer? If so, then I am in huge trouble. Joel and I are always talking about the fashion rules and how they seem so strange. Who makes the rules? They rarely make a lot of sense to me. Maybe you all can fill me in on some of the others. But black shoes...really? Oh my:)


march madness at our house...

This is what March Madness looks like at our house this year! Parker was taking a nap during this game, but if he had been awake, I'd have a picture up of him running back in forth in our living room, pretending to be one of the "bee-ball" players:) I assume that, in years to come, our home will get a littler crazier during this month of basketball overload!

Griffin was wearing his Cougar t-shirt (thank you Auntie Kels) yesterday when WSU was playing but I could never get a picture without him making a strange face when the flash went off! Maybe this is why Cougar basketball is over for the year. Bummer. I can't handle watching teams lose. I just can't stop thinking about all of those boys' mamas and what they are feeling! I told Joel that it is better this way because now we can just sit back and enjoy the games without all of the pressure. I don't think he agreed with me:)


some Idol thoughts...

Oh, I don't know...I just can't get into anyone this season! I'm trying really hard to pick my favorite and I just can't get excited. I know that everyone loves some of the big voices, and they do have talent--they just aren't my style. If I had to pick two, I would say Gina and Blake because they are different from the rest and Gina, especially, is a little more edgy. However, as I was sweeping my floor just a bit ago, I came to the realization that I really haven't given any of these contestants a chance because I'm still mourning the end of last season! No...actually, I'm still mourning the loss of Chris Daughtry. I never got over that one! I think that I may have had an itty bitty TV crush on the singer:)

I'm totally not going to give up my show because I love relaxing a couple nights a week while watching Idol! But I have to say that my enthusiasm is wavering because I usually watch by myself. American Idol is just meant to be shared! Joel used to watch, but now he thinks it is sort of silly. And sometimes I get to watch with my good friend, Tara (which is so fun!)...since her husband agrees with Joel. But it was just so great last year because I loved many of the contestants and my sister, Kelsey, and I would watch together. We weren't actually together--she was at her place and I was at mine--but we would usually spend much of the episode on the phone and only talk during the commercials! This year she doesn't get FOX so I'm on my own. Can you tell I'm sad about it?

And please, someone tell me why Sanjaya is still there? What in the heck is that all about? It must be all of those middle school girls who stay up later than me and vote constantly...



My brother-in-law, Paul, designed these announcements for us to help us get the word out that Griffin had arrived. Didn't he do a fantastic job? Thank you, Paul! He's such a talented designer and he's so great to work with...contact him at mpaulrandall@hotmail.com, if you're interested in his design work!

I'm actually still in the process of mailing them out. Things go a little slower around here nowadays--I think that I got Parker's out when he was two weeks old! Oh well... at least it is up here. Isn't it cool that the colors are very similar to my new blog design and they were designed by two different people at two different times? And, even more important, doesn't Griffin look like a little angel?

Of course he does:)



It is 7:45 am and both babes are still asleep. I just love this spring forward thing as far as the kiddos go. Can I hear an "amen"? I was planning on being out the door by 8:30 this morning, but this is waaaaaay better than my original plan. My new motto: never, never, never wake a sleeping baby. So I'm just sitting here, enjoying my oatmeal like a normal person instead of shoving a granola bar in my mouth as I burp a baby. Aaaaahhhh, life is good:)


new look...same old me:)

So...what do ya think? Oh, I just love the new design that Susie from Bluebird Blogs created for me! She was so great to work with and she does amazing work, including my friend Jenn's fun blog. It was so cool to be able to give Susie a bunch of info about me and some clues as to what I wanted and then to see what she created....fantastic! I have a feeling that a certain someone (who isn't a fan of change, like myself), isn't going to like this for at least a few more weeks...but it is here to stay!

happy day...

A post from Sunday...It was sort of forgotten with all of the excitement of the new design:)

I'm happy today. I'm really not sure why, but I'll take it! Maybe it is because my health is slowly returning and I'm starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel! I was telling my mom today how I think that I feel better physically than I have in about 10 months or so. It feels so good to not be exhausted by an outing to church or by just getting ready for the day. Or maybe it is because Parker is having a good day...and when he has a good day we always have so much fun. When he's having a bad day, well...it isn't so much fun!

Since I'm seeing light today, it is easier to enjoy the little things in life. Funny how that happens:) Here are a few of those things:

real coffee...

Now, I don't just mean caffeinated (which it is), but I mean coffee that tastes like the real thing. I woke up this morning to an empty canister of coffee. I dug through our stock and found that we had some Folgers Low Acid coffee. I really thought that I could handle it...nope. It tasted like...hmmm...you know, not coffee. So I loaded up the boys at 8:30 in the morning and headed to the nearest Starbucks drive-thru and picked up my favorite drink (a tall, non-fat, extra hot, Cinnamon Dulce Latter with whip--thank you very much) and a pound of the real stuff for home. Aaaaahhhhh....heaven. We're total coffee snobs and sorta proud of it!

cool tunes...

EastMountainSouth. Great music that our good friend Dan gave us. You might recognize one of the songs from Elizabethtown, one of my favorite movies. I really can't figure out if these two people are still making music together, but this album is certainly worth checking out. It just puts me in a good mood...thanks Dan!

a smellygood house...

I love the way our house smells when I use this scented oil from Bath and Body Works. I am not sure if anybody else cares if our house smells like a peony, but I sure do. It makes me feel as if spring is really coming. It is.... isn't it?

daffodils on my coffee table...

They are on their last leg but still bringing me smiles. Just another reminder that, indeed, spring is going to come here someday. Can you tell that I need some sun?

a good read...

This is a book I just recently started reading. My sister-in-law, Vicky, sent it to me around the time Griffin was born and I'm just now getting to it! I am thoroughly enjoying my special time curled up on the couch with my real coffee and this good read. I'm a Christian and the author isn't, so I don't agree with her on everything, but it totally doesn't matter in order for me to enjoy reading this one. Right now, I'm reading about the author's experiences in Italy...one of my all time favorite places. Unfortunately, I'm starting to get the travel bug now, which is totally bad timing!

a perfect bagel...

Thirteen of them, to be exact. We stopped at our favorite bagel shop on the way home from church to pick up a few of our favorite cranberry-orange bagels. Parker has come to expect his fresh bakery item after church now. He is quite particular about what kind of bagels he likes so I decided to pick up a baker's dozen and freeze them. Oooohhhh, they are so good! Come visit and I'll take you out to some real coffee and a real bagel ;)


about a month ago...

I've been thinking about what an amazing experience I had giving birth to Griffin. It feels wrong to say that I "gave birth" to him because, in reality, I didn't really do much! Throughout my pregnancy, I was quite nervous about having the c-section, even though I'd already experienced one before. With Parker, the procedure was so rushed and I was so exhausted and emotional. It was such a different kind of experience this time. I really felt taken care of and protected by the prayers of so many people. Thank you! Not only was I comfortable and felt no pain, I totally enjoyed myself...as you can see from the slide show above.

Now, I think that the anesthesia sort of caused me to forget the order of some of the events, but I have a general idea. And this time, I remember the important parts! So here is a total mish mosh account of our experience...it all sort of runs together!

We checked into the hospital at 5:30 am and the nurses were waiting for me...I was the only one there and they knew my name! Everything was so calm and cheery--I immediately felt more relaxed. We spent the next two hours with the same nurse, who prepped me for surgery. She did all sorts of things to me including IV's, fetal monitoring, blood pressure...fun stuff. During those two hours, the nurse explained very calmly what would happen during the day and let me ask any questions. The atmosphere was so laid-back and we were joking and laughing with everyone. I only got nervous when I would look at the clock and realize how much time we had left before we met our baby. Also during those two hours, everyone that was going to be in the operating room came in and introduced themselves and explained what role they would have and answered our questions. I think there were about 12 of them. I feel like God handpicked every single one of them! They all seemed so experienced and calm, but also treated this as a very exciting and personal event...the birth of our baby and not just a surgery!

A little before 7:30, they had me walk to the operating room where they inserted the spinal and the catheter and made sure everything was set to go. Okay, so here is where it gets sort of fuzzy because I was completely numb from the rib cage down and also draped from that point, so I really have no idea what happened next. Joel and I just chatted with the anesthesiologist and his assistants. I love them! Joel would update me every now and then about what the surgeons were doing. I literally didn't know when they had started cutting...how funny! And then he came out and Joel was able to announce that we had a boy! That was the most exciting part of all. I got this smile on my face that just wouldn't go away.

The nurses were all amazed at how big he was since I carried the baby sort of small. I asked over and over how big he was, but they hadn't weighed him yet. I was really hoping that he was the same size as Parker--and he was! Everyone was so happy and told me what a good job I had done! What? I hadn't done a thing, but I took it anyway:) After they cleaned him up a bit, I was able to hold Griffin and get a good look. Perfection! At first, we thought he looked like Parker, but then I soon realized that I had given birth to a little replica of my husband!

Oh....and this is the point that it gets really fuzzy because they gave me this little wonder drug that made me completely relax and not care much about anything. Joel went with Griffin to the nursery where he was weighed and measured and given his first bath. I'm so glad they bathed him...that vernix stuff is so gross. I stayed in the operating room and they put my uterus back inside me and made sure all my organs were back in place:) They stitched me up and cleaned me up and there I was...back to being a non-pregnant me and sort of blob-like all of the sudden. But I totally didn't care!

I was taken back to recovery and was a happy camper until I started to get impatient because Joel hadn't brought my baby back to me yet! I won't go into the details, but when Joel did bring Griffin to me, he impressed us all by mastering the skill of eating within about 30 seconds. My boys all seem to have great skills in this area.

The rest of the day really was a blur, but I do know that I felt no pain and I was so happy...and tired. I know that I embarrassed myself again by falling asleep in the middle of sentences. I guess it goes with the territory. Anyway, all that to say, I had the best birth experience thanks to the many prayers and the amazing team that made me feel like the most important mama on the planet and that this event was exciting, even to them! While I don't want to be pregnant again anytime soon, this experience totally convinced me that I really want to give birth at least one more time.

So, here we are, over a month later and I'm just now posting pictures about this! I just took a few pictures of Griffin to show how he has grown. He really isn't always on that hippo mat! I guess that it is just when I'm reminded to take a picture. I took Griffin in the other day to have him weighed...because I'm sort of freaky like that and I like to know details! At birth, Griffin was 7 lbs 1 oz and now he is 9 lbs 4 oz at one month. Needless to say, he has continued to be a good eater:)

So sorry this was soooo long...but how can you condense a birth story?


divide and conquer...

Things are starting to feel a little more normal around here...but, really, what is our normal anymore? Joel and Parker just returned home from a five day trip down in Arizona to visit my grandparents. We had planned this months ago with the thought that it would be good timing for Parker to have some special time with Daddy and his Oma and Opa and for Joel to get away on a bit of a vacation. We also thought that it would allow me to have a break and be able to focus on just the baby for a while. Well, it certainly was just what the doctor ordered for all of us!
Joel and Parker had so much fun in the sun and sharing special moments with Oma and Opa. I think that Parker greatly benefited from getting away from here for a while and receiving some focused attention from three adults. And Joel came back feeling refreshed and feeling more ready to get back into the groove. They enjoyed swimming, hiking, walks, eating, playing shuffle board, Bocce ball, cards...and so much more.
Griffin and I, on the other had, did a whole lot of nothing! It was so wonderful to be able to sit and just enjoy my little boy instead of sitting him in a bouncy seat while I tend to Parker's needs! We spent a lot of time in the rocking chair, which was just lovely. I was able to find out more about what makes Griffin tick and I also learned some tricks to help calm him down when he's grumpy! I even got my first smile on Saturday! I really did...my dad was even a witness! When Griffin smiles, my heart just melts because he gives this shy little grin and he even has two dimples! Definitely a heart-breaker like his brother:)

This past week has been such a blessing for this new family of four! I am finally starting to feel well and hopefully will be done with this cold in a few days. I even went walking with a group from my MOMS club yesterday! I was sore, but it was certainly a confidence booster and it sure felt good to get moving again. I think we're all starting to feel like we're ready to go out and join the rest of society now!

Griffin had his one month birthday yesterday, which is just crazy! Tomorrow I plan on posting some pictures from the c-section because I've been meaning to write a bit about the experience. Beware! If you don't appreciate graphic pictures, then don't visit on Friday:)


A third child?

I feel ridiculous just writing that title! Nope, I'm not pregnant...not even thinking about it. Actually, it is just the opposite. Soon after Parker was born, I really wanted to have another one right away. Thank God we had a bit of sanity left and waited until Parker was over a year old! This time, however, I feel so different. We would really like a third child and, in my heart, I really believe that I will be pregnant again. But when the thought of being pregnant again and having a newborn comes up, I have no desire to go down that road anytime soon. I really love having two boys. Parker has transitioned fairly well and Griffin is pretty much a dream baby so I really don't think it has anything to do with how hard this gig is (which, I admit, is very challenging at times).

As I imagine the few years ahead, I am just so excited to be able to give my two boys all of me when they need me most. They are both so young and needy and I want to be able to really enjoy these years before they are both in school. I spent a lot of this past year feeling a bit guilty about not being able to give Parker everything he needs in a mama because I was sick and tired. I look forward to all of the activities we are going to be able to do and to be able to live life as a family of four! We will never get these years back and they are oh, so special!

The goal right now is to wait until Parker is in school before we have another baby. I get a huge smile on my face as I write that. I just feel so good about being able to put my whole self into learning how to be the best mama to just Parker and Griffin. I love that we're not looking ahead to the next big thing and trying to enjoy what God's given us right now...this is not something I'm typically great at. However, I know that these are just goals right now and that God changes hearts in big ways all of the time...and I look forward to seeing what He has for us. Right now, though...it is just the four of us and I'm a happy mama:)

p.s. the picture has no significance. It is a Norman Rockwell and I just liked it. So there:)


I had to share...

Griffin's eyes are open and, oh my goodness, does he look like his Daddy, or what?! I just had to share these pictures of my newest love. He has officially awakened from his slumber. Oh my! I would still consider him a pretty easy baby and he still sleeps quite a bit....but seriously, this guy really just needs to learn how to pass some gas or something! Mr. Lazy Bones has become Mr. Grumpy Pants:)

I'm learning that my kiddos sure don't care if I'm sick or not...and I think this is sort of sucky. Where is the sympathy? Since Griffin was born, I've just not be well at all. Of course, I was recovering from surgery and then I had that stomach bug...and then just as I was getting over that one, we all came down with a cold that turned into bronchitis. These are things that I really didn't factor in as I was preparing for this time. I've been discouraged because just when I think I'm going to feel up to going out and participating in the world again, I start to feel horrible. And now, at this very moment, Parker is refusing to take his nap and Griffin is screaming in gas pain! Come on boys, mama needs some down time!


just amazing...

When we first found out that I was pregnant with Griffin, I really couldn't imagine the amount of support we were going to receive throughout the pregnancy and after his birth. Since we were sort of new to the area, I honestly believed that no one would care and that the new baby's life wouldn't be celebrated. I sure was pessimistic...and hormonal! I couldn't have been more wrong. We quickly found ourselves with an amazing group of friends who surrounded us with love and support throughout the pregnancy, and now even more after the birth. Griffin is now over three weeks old and we ares till receiving meals and our freezer is stocked full of more!

Our family has also been amazing! When I was feeling bad during my pregnancy, family members from both sides would help me take care of Parker on many occasions or help me clean our house and much more. People seemed to realize that I was having a hard time. This, of course, has continued since Griffin arrived. We have been blessed with amazing family.

I've really been wanting to share how much it has meant to have my mom around to help. Joel and I call my mom our "manager":) I'm not sure what would have happened to our household if she hadn't been helping us these past few weeks. She has cleaned, cooked, done laundry, changed diapers.....well, just about everything that I should have been doing, but couldn't for a while! It is great that I don't have to ask my mom to help; she just sees what needs to be done and does it. I also don't have to show her where anything is or how we do things around our house with Parker. We've had a lot of help from a lot of people, but my mom has done the bulk of it because she is the one I have needed. I need my mom when I'm recovering from childbirth/surgery. She is the one I feel comfortable with seeing me in not such a glamorous state or mood. She loves me even when I'm cranky and mean and she is even able to tell me what to do...without me getting too mad! She has been such a blessing!
The picture above is a shot of my mom (or Mooma, if you ask Parker) with Griffin and Parker on the day Griffin was born.

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