what HE brought me, on HIS birthday no less! HE is 30. And I like to rub it in because I'm still experiencing the lovely twenties! But I should be nicer to him...he did bring be tulips in the dead of winter. He's a good one. You're a keeper, Joely! Happy Birthday!


Tow trucks are always a favorite in our house of boys...but now I have a favorite--the one that pulled my Explorer out of the ice and snow this morning! We were high-centered and stuck in ice yesterday and then the city plowed us in this morning. There really was no hope of getting out until spring--which was altogether depressing! But then I remembered that we have tow service on our auto insurance. One call and the whole thing was in motion. I have to say that the sweet guy that pulled the car out was not a happy camper today and didn't think my situation was that funny! I have no idea why:) Thank God for insurance. And now I can be thankful for all of this snow--now that I'm not stranded...

Isn't it beautiful? My Dad sent me this picture taken near their house.



We're snowed in here! Sorta fun...sorta annoying me a bit! I had the car warmed up, boys strapped in, Starbucks card in hand (for a flyby)and ready to head to my grandparent's house for the morning--and THEN realized that I wasn't going anywhere because we were stuck. So...we're watching CARS for the millionth time, eating a few bags of popcorn together, and drinking a pot of coffee (just me on that last part). So actually, life isn't all that bed:)

I have lots I want to write about, but I've got a stir-crazy boy ready to play. So for now...some remodel pictures:


The two windows weren't even there before. That part was LOUD!


party pictures...

Been meaning to do this for a while now...

I seem to be missing pictures of lots of people. Ugh...all my fault! So...you all can still send me some:)


This kind of love...

Parker just recently started to spend more time coloring, drawing, playing with play-doh, things like that. He has done these things before, but until recently, he'd much rather be crashing cars, playing drums or memorizing strange facts:) I'm not saying that he's an aspiring artist by any means, but I just love his artwork. I especially like how he lines up the stickers in straight little rows--so Parker! I find myself going back to the table covered with the day's work and running my fingers over the scribbles. Seriously...I've become a total sap! I love seeing my boy's creations and getting a glimpse into how his brain works. Even his coloring is precious to me. Oh, if there were only words to describe this kind of love! I really do feel like it is indescribable...


a very bad thing...

Sooooo....I did a very bad thing. We threw a big old party for my husbands 30th birthday last night and a certain someone neglected to take pictures. Seriously, none. I take that back...I took one of Parker and Joel before the party began. Nice. My husbands first major birthday in nine years and I don't even take a picture. I thought of it often and every time I went to get my camera I would run into someone and start chatting. Ack! And everyone looked so good!

So if you are reading this, and you happened to be at our little shin dig and you happened to take some pictures (before 1 am please, I'm G rated here)....please send me your favorites! Pretty please. And then no one even has to know:)

By the way, it was a darn good party. Thank you to everyone involved...so much! Love, Amy


1.15.08 !!!

Sad but true.

I've been waiting for Jan 15th to arrive for months! And now it is here and I'm so excited for the show to start. Yep, it is American Idol time again! Although this year is a different story, I usually feel a little bit down in the dumps during January and February so having something fun and relaxing to look forward to during the dead of winter is a good thing. Couldn't come at a better time. I'm supposed to be at small group but we've got a sicky and it is my turn to stay home. But honestly, I don't really mind tonight because I get to curl up on the couch with my kettle corn and celebrate the beginning of Idol season. Sure, I'll be alone, but hopefully I'll be watching it with Tara tomorrow night!


for the love of blankies...

Life is a bit messy here--literally. The dust is coming up through the vents from the construction downstairs and the men in the house are having a tough time with their allergies. We've got dust and snot galore:) But we are blessed and life is good... Been feeling so full and thankful this week. That is sure a good place to be.

I'm thankful for Parker's sweet nature...even the parts that drive me crazy!

Like his obsession with his blankies:)

This book has become one of Parker's favorites. Owen is a story about a little boy mouse who has a blanket named Fuzzy and his parents try everything to try to get him to give it up. The story seems to be written just for our boy. Parker has been attached to both of his blankies since he was about three months old. He has one big blanky and one little blanky...they go everywhere with us. And here is the strange part...I like it! I must admit that I might have encouraged the blanky attachment with both of the boys. I'm not sure how he ended up needing two of them...and now Griffin has at least four! I literally have to hide them from the boys to be able to get them in the washing machine. Yuck! And now the boys are having fun stealing them from one another and fighting over them. Of course! Oh, for the love of blankies...


looking up!

The comb-over is gone, people, and things are finally looking up for Griffin in the hair department:) Don't you think it suits him?

And don't you just love the backdrop for the photos? Lysol wipes...we must keep them nearby in our household! Things tend to get disgusting without them!

*snow fun*

We've been having some good days here as a family. Things are crazy as always, but we've had some improvement with Parker's listening skills ;) in the past few days. We're having so much fun! We've had quite a bit of snow this year. This is the kind of snowfall I remember from when I was a kid. Parker and I played outside for a little bit today and he practiced his photography skills and even made a not so cute snowman. Parker told me it was his favorite part of the day so far. Just wait until gymnastics little man! Yep, he's starting his first gymnastics class this afternoon. I think he is going to enjoy it so much. He loves structure and activity so hopefully this will be a match. Plus, it will get me to the gym...which is...um...good for me, I guess!


two...or three things

Take note...new music in the sidebar. I just love music. I feel like 2007 was the year of music for me. I learned to feel it in a new way. I am in no way a musician but I always knew I would marry one. And I did...lucky me:) Now my boys seem to have it in their blood. Double lucky me. Enjoy the new selections. More to come.

11 months... Yep, my littlest baby is 11 months old or 1 month away from turning one, depending on how you look at it. I couldn't be happier. I love our almost toddler to pieces. Even though he is leaning toward the mischievous side, I'm loving his spirit and zest for life. But man, he is a loud one!

ummm....kind of forgot what number 3 was going to be...hmmmm...

Construction... It started today and I am just thrilled. Yes it is a bit loud, but I can't believe that in less than a month we will have a whole new house. Okay, so half of a new house. But still...exciting!



An example: my extra food storage. I'm always buying food at the store...just in case! I can't believe I'm posting this picture. How embarrassing!

I am a bit of a pack-rat. It is a terrible, terrible habit. It isn't just annoying but I think it really hinders my life in so many ways. The things of life weigh me down. I'm not sure why I tend to hold onto things that I don't really love...just in case.What is really going to happen if I don't have that ugly pair of shorts next summer? Ugh...so pointless.

But....since we start construction on our basement tomorrow -- I was forced to go through all of my junk and really consider why I was stowing all of my unneeded things along with me from home to home. It has been a long time coming, but finally my closet only contains clothes I love and that fit me. I wish I had a picture of the huge pile of bags and boxes being donated on Thursday...or the even bigger pile of garbage that was extracted from my beloved things. Okay, so I could have a picture of all that stuff, but it is way too cold to venture out to the garage and snap a picture. Let's just use our imaginations and, believe me, I did good:)

I really do feel so good...free. I feel so detached from those material things now. I've always wanted to travel lightly and never ever been able to make it happen. I have a long, long way to go in order to rid our home of all of the unnecessary items and to change my lifelong habits-- but FINALLY, I am on my way... :)

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