He's not perfect!

One of my biggest pet-peeves is when parents think their children are perfect and can do no wrong. So I will say right now that Parker is NOT perfect! I've written a few times about how wonderful and special Parker is, which is so true. However, even the most adorable kid on the planet can have a bad moment. Parker has become a toddler and a bit of a stinker at times. He is into throwing items from his stroller/highchair/whatever and then looking at me to wait for my reaction. The first time it was funny....not so funny anymore. I get so frustrated sometimes, which is exactly what he's hoping for! I read an article this morning in the paper about sleep routines for kids, which I agree is so important for kids and adults alike. Thankfully, Parker doesn't have any trouble going to bed but a comment within the article hit home for me: toddlers love to see parents react emotionally to them, it's like a new weapon. So true! This is a weapon that Parker is surely having fun using on me lately. Wow, sin sure starts early. I guess it is an opportunity for me to practice my patience:)


Little House On The P

We became homeowners yesterday! In my head, I've been calling it "Little House on the P." ("P" is the initial of our street name.) It is so cute and just what we need. The whole process went unbelievably smooth, like it was meant to be. I've had a few requests for pictures so here are a few. I'll post more when we actually move in.

Here is the living room. I love the dark hardwood floors, bay windows and arched doorways throughout the home.
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The kitchen...
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The bathroom...
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A Moment

I had "a moment" this morning. "A moment" is one of those times that nothing else seems to matter except what is happening right in front of you. Usually it involves a mini life lesson for me. Good stuff:)

I was drinking my coffee while watching Parker play with his toys. I was not all that happy to be awake as Parker decided to wake up at 5:15 this morning. This is way too early. I can do sixish but anything in the five range is too much. But I guess Parker changed my mind.

Parker is a fairly intense little boy and likes to do things perfectly. If he isn't perfect, frustration takes over. He was playing with his drum sticks and trying to place a rubber bracelet on one of them so he could twirl it around. This is a pretty difficult task to conquer but he did this for about 10 minutes or so. Everytime he was successful he would look up at me with a huge grin, full of pleasure. It melts my heart! I realized again that Parker has such an amazing spirit. He is so full of life...so playful, loving, and finds so much joy in every new (and not so new) experience. A big part of my role as Parker's mama is to nurture this spirit and not let it be broken. It sounds very simple but it isn't at all. How do you do this? Right now, my only answer for myself is to pray...a bunch. Hmmmmmm...so much to think about. More to come.

Here is Parker enjoying his little game.

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It can't be...

My favorite American Idol was voted off last night...Chris Daughtry! My sister and I are in mourning today and the clouds outside match our moods:) We do have a glimmer of hope left in our other favorite, Katherine McPhee. So we strongly urge you all to vote for her next Tuesday night. Thank you very much.

Enough of our sad news...here is a lovely picture of my little one. Parker loves going on walks in the backpack. When he sees us bring the backpack out, he lets out a little squeal. This boy loves the outdoors. He's our kind of kid!

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Audrey...my niece

Who can resist pictures of babies...especially of Audrey? We just saw her a couple of weeks ago and captured a few cute pictures of the little ones. Audrey was in a funny mood. She had just gotten home from a trip to Europe with her parents and I think she might have been sick and tired of showing her smile for people. However, Audrey is typically a very smiley girl. In fact, when she smiles, something happens to her eyes that reminds me so much of my brother. It is as if she knows something that I don't...almost like she's laughing without making a sound! Isn't she adorable?

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Here is one of Parker and Audrey. Parker was being a ham and I think Audrey was trying to put up with her crazy cousin:)

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