I don't get it...

There are many subjects I am totally clueless about, but two very trivial matters have come up that sort of surprised me! I repeat...these are very trivial:) These are things that I've heard people say in passing:

"Don't all moms scrapbook?"
Uh oh...I don't really scrapbook! Someone really said this! I have dabbled a bit in scrapbooking, but I have to admit that it is more of a social thing and I don't totally enjoy the process. I used to like to talk myself into being sort of crafty but I'm really not. I think that I don't like the mess it creates and all the supplies I have to buy in order to take part. I feel sort of guilty about this because it really seems like all of the other moms around me are quite passionate about it and so talented at making pretty things for their kids! I totally admire people who are talented in this area. In fact, my sister-in-law, Andi, is the best around...she does beautiful work. Anyway, getting to the point, I wonder if other people feel this way...maybe a little guilty and sort of a minority?

EDIT*Oh no...I should really re-read my writing before I post! I meant to say that I DO enjoy the social aspect of it but not the actual process as much!*EDIT

"I didn't buy them because you can't wear black shoes in the coming season."

What?! Maybe I misunderstood. So....I don't even pretend to have serious fashion sense, but are you really not supposed to wear black shoes in the summer? If so, then I am in huge trouble. Joel and I are always talking about the fashion rules and how they seem so strange. Who makes the rules? They rarely make a lot of sense to me. Maybe you all can fill me in on some of the others. But black shoes...really? Oh my:)


Jennisa said...

Funny post. I scrapbook, but I agree that it takes up a lot of room. Sometimes I think it would be easier to pay someone to do it for me. And #2, I am also guilty of wearing black shoes...I guess I don't follow any fashion advice either! I'm glad it's not just me!

Tammy said...

I used to hate the mess scrapbooking made as well! Then I found digital scrapbooking and it opened up a whole new world. Tons of options (many of them free) and best of all, no mess!

Oh, and you can definitely wear black shoes all year long...though I admit the only black shoes I wear in the summer are flip-flops or some other kind of sandal.:)

Jen said...

Amy, I love your honest posts!
I'm totally with you when it comes to "fashion rules." My rule is...if it's comfortable, wear it. :) As for scrapbooking, I love the social part of it and enjoy the finished product. I'd like to do it more, but things are a bit crazy now. :) Hope you had a wonderful day!

Kati said...

So, I didn't know about the black shoes...You learn something new every day! Um, do black sandals count?

Anonymous said...

Amy - I can't believe how many times I was asked "Do you scrapbook?" after Emily was born... I started to laugh after the 10th time I was asked that - my response "Nope" Honestly, I take way too many pictures of my girls and I could never narrow the pictures down enough to be able to finish a scrapbook let alone be able to afford all the supplies it would take to scrapbook my million pictures- I do something different... it's called a photo album :) I use the ones with the sleeves you just slide the pictures into and then you can write a little note to the side! Quick and easy!
And for black shoes... I wear 'em... sandles, flip flops and open toed heels :) -- Okay was that a lengthy enough comment :) HA! ~Julie

Aleah said...

As with anything, you like or you don't. I like both. in fact I wear black shoes while scrapbooking, in the summer! ; ) If time allows - which it doesn't!
I follow no "rule" of color that goes with the season. That's just plain silly!

I hope it's sunny over there too!
Love, Aleah

Kelsey said...

Oh my gosh Sassypants, I leave for 12 days and you have posted a million times by the time I get home! How do you expect me to read all of these? :) So, here are all of my comments and thoughts wrapped up in one:

1) I love the pictures of Griffin's birthday and the one of him smiling.

2) I am so glad you find such fun things in life to enjoy...especially the coffee since I have a newfound passion for it (you have some amazing coffee headed your way that I picked up in the Dominican Republic).

3) I got the announcement for Griffin's birth yesterday in the mail and I love it!

4) I really miss our American Idol nights too! It really is just so sad that we don't get to share that experience anymore. :(

5) I can just envision little Griff in his WSU attire...I am so glad that he sported his shirt during the game!

6) I personally think that you can wear black shoes all year long. Who makes up these stupid rules anyway?

7) FYI, I actually love your new blog design...it's so you!

Um, yep, I think that's all I feel like saying right now! I love you!


P.S. I bought Griffin the cutest pair of overalls at Old Navy yesterday.

Munchkin Land said...

Ditto on the scrapbooking thing. =) The craftiest I get is helping Devyn color in her coloring books. I wish I was more crafty but I've accepted that God did not make that part of my make-up. =)

And as far as fashion rules go, I've tossed those down the drain. Have you seen what's in fashion today?! Personally, I just wear what I feel comfortable and pretty in... As long as Jon finds me attractive, that's all that matters to me. =)

Amanda Cowan said...

I'm the same way..I fancy myself to be a scrapbooker..but am not really. Although I admit that I do feel a sense of accomplishment once I finish a page. I really *do* want to get books done for my daughter, and get ahead on one for my new baby due ..I just find it hard to keep disciplined to work at it..

AndiMae said...

I've tried to comment a few times, but it hasn't worked! Hopefully this one does...

First, thank you so much for the sweet mention of me! It totally made my day :)

As for your post...
You already know how I feel about scrapbooking- I love it! But I definitely don't feel like I have to scrapbook each and every picture from my kids' childhood. I only scrapbook pictures that I love and am inspired by or relate to a specific memory that I don't want to forget. Part of it is b/c the process of creating is one of my most favorite parts of the hobby, but it is also b/c who really has the time, energy, or money to scrapbook EVERYTHING!? All the pictures (which is most of them!) that don't get scrapped go into photo albums! But if you don't love the hobby, definitely don't feel guilty for not participating. You are an amazing mom who is creating memories for her boys in other great and creative ways :)

As for the fashion issue, I am so with you! I am clueless when it comes to that kind of stuff! I just wear what I love and is comfortable and looks and smells clean :) And no black shoes in the summer? I would definitely be in big trouble since I live in black flip-flops and black Chacos all summer long!

Sorry for the comment that turned into a novel! Maybe I should have just emailed you...

Petite Mom Blogger said...

I do not scrapbook and as far as the seasons and colors go, I have no idea what is going on. I wear black sandals during the summer and I wear white all the time. Oh My!

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