imminent domain

I've written before about how much I love our house...how much work we've put into it...how it feels perfect for our family right now. But we had the rug pulled out from under us last Friday and now we're staring and these walls and wondering what our future will look like...

The purchasing director from Spokane School District came for a drop in visit on Friday evening to inform us that there are plans to demolish our home and the two next to us to make room for staff parking lots. Parking lots. Legally, they have every right to purchase our home for market value and we don't really have a say in the matter. They actually have the right to condemn the property, however she says that this is something they try to avoid.

We have so many questions and hardly any answers. We have no idea this was even a possibility. Never crossed our mind. We're oblivious to the time-line...to how the negotiations work. All we know is that we've been reminded that this place really never belonged to us anyway. I think I may have been holding on too tight. Maybe to attached to something that is just a building?

We're sad. I feel a bit violated to be honest, even though I know these things are legal. Even though we weren't likely going to stay in this house forever, I had hoped that someone else could enjoy this home like we have and that our renovations would pay off for resale. It will be so sad to drive by here and see a parking lot instead of our first house...the place we started our family.

But I know that we will be taken care of...that God will clear my head and continue to give peace. I trust that God knows my concerns and that we will continue to be blessed beyond what we can imagine. I know how God works...He does that sort of thing.


adults only

I've not really been present here on the blog...and not at my house either. I stepped out for a little while.

You know how it is...the never ending cycle of feeding, cleaning, changing, calming, disciplining, teaching....sleep and do it all over again thing? And of course you know the.... who am I anymore and what the he** am I doing here, this is more than I bargained for feelings? Yup. Been there. So it was time to step off the cycle for a bit and take a vacation!!

Joel's parents took all of their kids and their spouses on a five day vacation to Bend, OR...sans children! They rented us a house in Sun River for all . We had so much fun being just us again. Not being responsible for anything was a good feeling...and so was sleeping in until 11:) Biking, kayaking, horseback riding, pedicures, oh my! So fun. And so fun to remember what it was like to play without kids...and how we have so much fun as a family. Joel and his sister, Lyndzie, even had a dance-off. And Randalls do not mess around...it was pants-off dance-off...use your imagination. Holy Moly. A little taste of what we experienced...and the pictures don't even come close to capturing what really happened!


just two

I only have my two boys today and we're having a splendid day. I'm not going to say it is *easy*....but there seems to be enough room in my head for two. And that is a nice feeling!

Here they are this morning working on some projects out on our new picnic table...my super gift from Joely!

Oh, and by the way...this is my 400th post. I can't believe I have only posted 400. Better get cracking:)

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