new look...same old me:)

So...what do ya think? Oh, I just love the new design that Susie from Bluebird Blogs created for me! She was so great to work with and she does amazing work, including my friend Jenn's fun blog. It was so cool to be able to give Susie a bunch of info about me and some clues as to what I wanted and then to see what she created....fantastic! I have a feeling that a certain someone (who isn't a fan of change, like myself), isn't going to like this for at least a few more weeks...but it is here to stay!


Ginainchina said...

amy! oh my.

i love it!

i want to do that... how did she make it so orginal? can she teach me?

love, gina

Wendy said...

Looks great!!

Jennisa said...

It looks LOVELY...

Anonymous said...

Really Beautiful :)~Julie

Aleah said...

Your new look looks GREAT!
I love it!

I've been messing around in my spare time trying to get a picture in my header just right. I've just about given up though!

Munchkin Land said...

I love it, I love it, I love it!! I've been debating for a while about approaching you with the idea of a blog design as a "baby" gift. I am SO, SO, SO glad that you put Susie's talents to work. She did an amazing job!!

Vicky said...

Love your layout


AndiMae said...

I love your new look! I think that she did a great job of capturing your personality in the design :)

P.S. Has Kels seen it yet?

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