five minutes of me...

I just got on here to post something along the lines of a mini-tantrum but I've decided that isn't constructive and who really wants to read something like that? In any case, I'm determined to take these five minutes for myself, even if I have to ignore voices from those under the age of two. Isn't that what the experts say to do when you're having a bad day...put the baby down and take a break for five minutes? Things are going okay for the most part, but today I'm feeling emotionally run-down and out of the energy I need to give to my family. Nothing huge, I just need a break from being needed. Okay, time is up... better run...but I would appreciate your prayers:)

On another note, my sister recently returned from a trip to the Dominican Republic and has updated her blog with all sorts of pictures and accounts from her experience. Definitely worth checking out...


Vicky said...

I hope you get some Amy time soon
Have a good weekend


Aleah said...

I hope the weekend brings some relief?! Or next week will, I'm guessing.
I've been on the search about how NOT to feel the way you/we/moms of young kids do. I'll let you know when and if there's an answer!
I'm cracking myself up over here. ; )
Maybe if we live in another country where the saying goes "It takes a village to raise a child"? And then everyone could feel exhausted. Ha!
Hope the break comes SOON!

Love, Aleah

Jennisa said...

Man, I SO know how you feel! It is so overwhelming feeling needed all day long, and having NO time to yourself! I remember those days when Liv was brand new, and I didn't enjoy life at all. Just know that you are NOT ALONE! We all have those feelings, and they come and go! I will throw up some prayers for you today!

Munchkin Land said...

I KNOW that we're all entitled to those five minutes, even if they are tantrum-filled. =) I'll say a prayer for you this week.

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