Sometimes I wonder if I should have been a bear, allowed to hibernate for the winter. I really do love living in a place with four, distinct seasons. I love the snow. I even love the dry, cold air. It is beyond beautiful. But my goodness, I was just not designed for wintertime. I am cold all of the time. I wear coats indoors. I have the urge to eat and eat and eat--more than usual. And I mean EAT as in GORGE. I don't...because I know better. But the worst part is the fatigue. I believe it is the lack of light, but I fight the urge to lay down on the bare floor for a nap at all hours of the day. And sometimes I do. But it doesn't help. I'm sure I don't even have to explain this, but being tired all of the time affects so many aspects of life. Everything, really. Grrrr!!

I haven't really found anything that works to relieve the fatigue--other than warm sunshine. I mean, I exercise, eat well, get plenty of sleep, etc. One of these days I will stop fighting it and just except that hibernation is the best option. Problem is, I don't have the luxury of choosing hibernation yet--a few people depend on this mama bear. Until then, I have been trying a few things to brighten my home in these dark months. I try to have music playing constantly, light many candles, keep the blinds always open, etc. Lately I've been trying to keep fresh flowers in the house. It reminds me that this season won't last....that spring will come! Does anyone have any other ideas for me??! Please share!

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