capturing connection

How do you capture the connection of friendship with a camera? Especially if you do it like I tried to...the minute before I hopped out of the car to board the airplane home...:) In a word (or few), I will try to capture what my visit with Jenn looked like...


and we must do this again soon
A little side note: that sweet baby of hers completely gave me baby fever! Uh oh.


i miss them already...

It may seem strange to fly to another state to visit a friend I met online. Not strange to me...at this point, Jenn is no longer an online friend...she's a lifelong one. I am so excited to get off that plane today and give her a big hug. SO EXCITED!

But this is my first trip away from my family, by myself, since before Parker was born. Now this is what feels strange. I know it is a good, healthy thing....but it is so strange to be packing just for one. I have no need to remember the diapers, wipes, meds, billions of clothes, boredom toys, bibs, snacks, pacifiers, blankies, teddy bears, baby wash, baby lotion, crayons, dvds, music, sippy cups, pack n play, oh....and the list goes on and on. I can't even remeber all of it. Good thing I don't have to! All I have to pack is a few outfits, shoes, makeup....and this little book:)

But I miss them already. As much as I need this trip away, I can't stand the thought of being so far away from my boys.

Joely, Park, & Griff...I love you so much! You three are my life...my loves. I'll miss you every minute.

Have a great boys weekend... and remember to clean up your messes;)


pd's b*day!

Parker's special party turned out to be a beautiful day. Great friends and family joined us in our backyard and I think Parker loved it all!

Mobile blogger?


4 Parker

Four years ago today...

I laughed and cried in the very same moment.

I had worked harder than I ever had before....and I learned of a love much greater than I had ever imagined.

You are so many things, Parker. Sweet, sensitive, smart, strong....splendid.

But most of all, you are a blessing. When I think "Parker", I think "blessing". There is absolutely no better word to describe your spirit. I prayed that you would be a blessing to those around you...but I never expected God to exceed all of my expectations.

And just think...you are only four. FOUR! Four years of laughing and crying at the same time...and hoping for many, many more...

Love you so much. Lots and lots. Forever and ever. Amen. Love, Mama


Wheel Of Fortune!

Watch my sis tonight on Wheel of Fortune!! Kelsey Asbjornsen is her name and I promise she'll be dazzling and smart....and totally not annoying:)


too old for this...

Okay, so forget what I said about coming out of hibernation...apparently not happening yet. I'm freezing. I've been walking around with a rice bag on my neck all day, just to warm up!

I'm not even 28 yet and I already feel too old for some of this....stuff. Here is my current list of things I am just too old for....

*Waking up to 4 inches of snow. I can't take it! I hate the teasing. It is gone now, but still...
*Reading this darned Twilight series. I am totally, completely sucked in and I cannot stop. But that is the problem!!! I have four kids here during the day....I seriously don't have time for this. I should be doing more mature things like wiping noses and bums;)
*Lady Gaga on American Idol last night. My goodness...was that supposed to be cool? If so, then I am hopeless. Totally too old for that stuff. Ridiculous!
*And while we're on the subject of Idol...we kicked off the right girl last night, America! Was I the only one who heard the squawking? That was weird. But I love Idol anyway.....Kris, Adam and Danny are my top three!

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