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Things are starting to feel a little more normal around here...but, really, what is our normal anymore? Joel and Parker just returned home from a five day trip down in Arizona to visit my grandparents. We had planned this months ago with the thought that it would be good timing for Parker to have some special time with Daddy and his Oma and Opa and for Joel to get away on a bit of a vacation. We also thought that it would allow me to have a break and be able to focus on just the baby for a while. Well, it certainly was just what the doctor ordered for all of us!
Joel and Parker had so much fun in the sun and sharing special moments with Oma and Opa. I think that Parker greatly benefited from getting away from here for a while and receiving some focused attention from three adults. And Joel came back feeling refreshed and feeling more ready to get back into the groove. They enjoyed swimming, hiking, walks, eating, playing shuffle board, Bocce ball, cards...and so much more.
Griffin and I, on the other had, did a whole lot of nothing! It was so wonderful to be able to sit and just enjoy my little boy instead of sitting him in a bouncy seat while I tend to Parker's needs! We spent a lot of time in the rocking chair, which was just lovely. I was able to find out more about what makes Griffin tick and I also learned some tricks to help calm him down when he's grumpy! I even got my first smile on Saturday! I really did...my dad was even a witness! When Griffin smiles, my heart just melts because he gives this shy little grin and he even has two dimples! Definitely a heart-breaker like his brother:)

This past week has been such a blessing for this new family of four! I am finally starting to feel well and hopefully will be done with this cold in a few days. I even went walking with a group from my MOMS club yesterday! I was sore, but it was certainly a confidence booster and it sure felt good to get moving again. I think we're all starting to feel like we're ready to go out and join the rest of society now!

Griffin had his one month birthday yesterday, which is just crazy! Tomorrow I plan on posting some pictures from the c-section because I've been meaning to write a bit about the experience. Beware! If you don't appreciate graphic pictures, then don't visit on Friday:)


Kelsey said...

I am so glad that every member of your family got the R&R that they needed! I think it was such a great idea for Park and Joely to visit G&G in Arizona...and I know that it gave you a much needed break! Mimesybears, I love you so much and I will call you before I leave the country tomorrow!


Kelsey said...

By the way, all of the pictures are just too cute! But, they make me miss my Little Man so much!

Aleah said...

I'm excited for pictures tomorrow! I completely forgot to ask about the details when we talked!
I'm so glad all of you had a nice break from "the norm" or not norm but norm for now...you know what I mean. : )
I couldn't help but notice the wearing of shorts and t-shirts that Joel & Parker got to do while gone. I'm ready for that!

Love, Aleah

Munchkin Land said...

*Sigh* It sounds absolutely divine; the break for you, the vacation for him, all of it. In fact, we're thinking of doing the same thing ourselves. Thinking of you...

Laura said...

What a great idea to let the first child have time w/dad and grandparents while you have some special bonding w/#2. I'll have to keep that in mind when we have our second. :-)

AndiMae said...

Okay. So I am on a mission to catch up on commenting on your blog...we'll see how it goes. You have been posting so much lately!

I forgot about Joel and Parker's trip- how fun! Grandma and Grandpa's place is so relaxing! And how nice for you and Griffin to get some special bonding time, especially after all of you being so sick!

And I can't wait to see that little guy's smile :)

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