We start them early:)
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links--please help

For those of you not on FB (gasp:), here are links to signing up to help the Dordals:



And here is the link directly to the Facebook page for updates.

Another plug for Giving Anonymously:



Today, I am thankful for the things that aren't always obvious.

Thank you, God, for....
*children that have colds and fevers. But healthy and strong and have access to medicine.
*feeling such a burden on my heart to pray and hope for our friends.
*feeling physically worn out at the end of each day...because I've been so busy doing what I love.
*for the freezing wind because it reminds me that we've been given such an amazing place to call home.
*for the stuff of life that is too much to walk through....because the beauty of a community of imperfect people coming together and loving like we should is miraculous.
*for a baby that keeps me up during the night....because I get to hold her. I will never take this for granted.
*for the laundry I am never caught up on and the house that is downright disgusting. We have clothes to keep us warm and space to let things go!
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fresh look & an opportunity

I have a fresh new look...don't you love it?! Me too:) Serious kudos to my amazing friend, Jenn @ Munchkin Land Designs.

I love her designs...but I love HER even more. Check her out...:)

Also...if you are a fellow blogger and you are interested in helping out Ella's Family...please use this widget on your sidebar. The link will take others directly to a site that is set up to receive donations on behalf of the Erik and Christa Dordal.Thanks!

Give with Giving Anonymously

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or another option:

https://www.givinganon.org/give/step2_widget.php?widget_id=38">http://www.givinganon.org/images/giving-anonymously-button1.png" alt="Give with Giving Anonymously" border="0" width="180" height="166" />


feed me

This is how hollyn sits in her highchair. She is pretty short, I think. Which is so strange considering her last name;)

But, man, this little girl can EAT!
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Pray for Ella

Our dear friends have just met their baby...and Ella needs a miracle. Please Pray.


our family in pictures. courtesy of andi mae photography.


family pictures!

For the first time ever,we had family pictures taken! Here is one sample...such a tease, I know:) This is a favorite because it looks like our real life...except prettier! A good photographer can do that sort of thing. More to come...



I only have a minute to post this one picture from Halloween. More to come, I hope. My kids were super-darling. Of course:) But I was crazy busy and I didn't take pictures. This one comes courtesy of my sister. Here is our little cheerleader...

We had a skeleton, batman, and....Hollyn had TWO costumes....:) She was a cheerleader for Team R****** for the Halloween party inside and she was the cutest little bunny rabbit for trick or treating.

I so love Halloween. I think I just like the excuse to dress up my children in cute outfits and eat chili with friends and family:)

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