A third child?

I feel ridiculous just writing that title! Nope, I'm not pregnant...not even thinking about it. Actually, it is just the opposite. Soon after Parker was born, I really wanted to have another one right away. Thank God we had a bit of sanity left and waited until Parker was over a year old! This time, however, I feel so different. We would really like a third child and, in my heart, I really believe that I will be pregnant again. But when the thought of being pregnant again and having a newborn comes up, I have no desire to go down that road anytime soon. I really love having two boys. Parker has transitioned fairly well and Griffin is pretty much a dream baby so I really don't think it has anything to do with how hard this gig is (which, I admit, is very challenging at times).

As I imagine the few years ahead, I am just so excited to be able to give my two boys all of me when they need me most. They are both so young and needy and I want to be able to really enjoy these years before they are both in school. I spent a lot of this past year feeling a bit guilty about not being able to give Parker everything he needs in a mama because I was sick and tired. I look forward to all of the activities we are going to be able to do and to be able to live life as a family of four! We will never get these years back and they are oh, so special!

The goal right now is to wait until Parker is in school before we have another baby. I get a huge smile on my face as I write that. I just feel so good about being able to put my whole self into learning how to be the best mama to just Parker and Griffin. I love that we're not looking ahead to the next big thing and trying to enjoy what God's given us right now...this is not something I'm typically great at. However, I know that these are just goals right now and that God changes hearts in big ways all of the time...and I look forward to seeing what He has for us. Right now, though...it is just the four of us and I'm a happy mama:)

p.s. the picture has no significance. It is a Norman Rockwell and I just liked it. So there:)


Munchkin Land said...

Oh wow!! That seems like such a long time to wait... I'm already thinking about getting pregnant again!! (Not any time soon though!) I think you have some valid reasons for waiting and what great things you have to look forward to. My parents had all four girls 2 years, 3 months apart and we're kind of shooting for the same age difference, although God may have other plans entirely...

Hope you're doing well. With love, Jenn

Aleah said...

I never had the desire until bam they hit about 10 months. With every single one.

There are pros and cons for having them close and pros and cons for having them further apart.
You've got some good reasons to wait! And I bet your reasons were even more confirmed if you read my post today! Ha Ha!

Anonymous said...

I remember saying "I'm so content with having two girls." Michael looked at me like "what?" I said, "I'm not saying I'm done... just that I'm very happy with these two girls." -- Now Hannah has reached the year mark, and the "itch" is starting to show up :) ha! I'm not quite ready yet, but I think I will be ready sooner rather than later... of course we'll have to see what God has in store! Enjoy your two precious boys!! ~Julie

Amy said...

I have this funny feeling that sometime in the future (sooner than later), I will be referencing this post as a "woops, I was wrong" post:) I'm always having to eat my words!

Instead of writing all of that, maybe I should have just said this:

*I like having two right now and I'm not in a huge rush to have a third!*

Oh, my!

AndiMae said...

You are so cute, Amy. My little Sunny D mama :) It makes me smile every time I read about you and your little boys- you sound so content and happy! And I think that it is good that you are trying not to look ahead too much- I tend to do that too and it really does take so much from the moment.

P.S. I keep on forgetting to tell you that I love your blog's new look! :)

Aminta said...

Hi Amy!
Oh my! Your babies and you are SO beautiful!Iam not sure if you remember me, my brother hung out with mostly. This is Aminta, my brothers are Aaron and Ivan Nelson. I cannot believe how much things can change in five short years!
Come by and see my two boys and princess. I would love to get to know you better!

Jen said...

Love your thoughts!
Can't wait to see you on Saturday!

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