I hope to never give the impression that I have a single ounce of my life "all together". In fact, I had to stop reading blogs too often because that part of this culture drives me batty.  So, I'm going to show you what my house looks like on a normal day...not especially messy and not just cleaned. Here you are:

Just a little exercise in keeping it real. :)



Hollyn knows the word snow...but it sounds very much like NO!

First time trying to go out to play in the snow like the big kids:)


stomping grounds

My mom sent me these pictures as she was driving up north near my old stomping grounds. Funny thing about "home"...I can't help it, it still is home and I think it is the most beautiful area. I feel drawn to that area...to go up and breathe the good air and walk through the fields and woods. I miss it.


My sunshine!

Griffin is five and I just can't quite wrap my mind around it. I remember posting about my pregnancy on this blog- back when I used to be better at documenting life. Griff is something special. I think it takes a specific kind of person to really notice his sunshine instead of his crazy:) He just gets so darn excited when he's around people...he kind of turns into something resembling a quivering puppy. But Griffin is my sunshine when life seems dark. He keeps me laughing when I get too serious. His love for his little sister actually gives me such reassurance. I've never seen anything like it. As always, this boy has a huge piece of my heart and I can't even say how proud I am to be his mom. 

Look back at the day he was born!

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