lots of winter left

I'm trying my very hardest to resist the longing for spring. We really have a good amount of winter weather left...so I'm choosing to enjoy it. Today.

Griffin is the only one who got to enjoy the new snowfall outdoors today. He made snow castles. Sweet boy. The rest of us made do with the cozy fire.

This bottom picture of the cabins was taken this past weekend at Red Mountain. A lovely weekend worth a dedicated post with more pictures. I might have to steal them from my friends, though, because I was a slacker photographer! Maybe more to come?!



So full of joy! So full of herself :)

She's mobile and curious. No longer "dolphin crawling", but doing the real thing these days. Trying to pull herself up on everything. She thinks she's big enough to practice stairs--she isn't:)

So vocal!! She has certainly perfected the art of making herself known. When the boys irritate her, she screeches and does this strange cough thingy. But most of the time she squeals with glee and chants "mama, dada, mama, dada! "

Bit of pipsqueak. Just over 17 lbs at her 9 month apt. Small but mighty:)
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on the road

We're on the road...all packed in here cozy and snug. We're all doing our own thing but all together. Parker is writing sentences. Griffin is playing his leapster. Hollyn is sleeping. Joel is listening to his music.
And I am blogging ...and listening to my book club book...and looking outside at the beautiful mountains. We are heading up north to Canada for a weekend with friends and we happen to be driving thru the little town I grew up in. So strange how things haven't changed. But the landscape is so beautiful. It will always feel like home.
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