Rough night with the kiddos and more snow this morning, but yesterday was spent sledding and hanging out with family...and even a Target run! Nothing better than that!


snowed in

Being snowed in isn't so bad afterall...
You get to do some fun things like:

...play with geometric shapes and have adventures in the snow if you're Parker.

...hide things in the vacuum cleaner and act innocent if you're Griffin!

...wonder how we're going to get that car out of the snow if you're an adult.


where is his mother?

Could it be? Yes it is...Griffin wearing Brooklyn's Hannah Montana snow boots, playing with open markers, scissors, and...tinsel?! Oh, and pantless with training underwear. Nice.

Maybe I should be more attentive?

**by the way, I AM NOT potty training. He just likes to wear underwear and likes to pee on the potty. He's ready but I'm sooooo not. Geesh, I just finished with Parker...


dear mr. weatherman

Dr Mr. Weatherman,

I know you do your very best....but really? This is it? Where are our 12 + inches of snow? Where is our blizzard? I had my hopes up to be snowed in. Do you have children? How am I supposed to tell my three year old that he has to keep making his snow angels in frozen slush? And just so you know...sub-zero temperatures are soooo not as cool as a snow storm. Totally not cool. But we forgive you, Mr. Weatherman. In the spirit of Christmas, I will give you one more chance. But only one.

Yours Truly,

Lady in Waiting (for snow)

p.s. I've attached a few pictures for your enjoyment. You may notice their very disappointed faces. Please do better next time. For the sake of the children...


sweet stripes

I don't eat tons of junk food. I'm not a total health-nut, but I tend to be fairly disciplined. However, I have this little problem this time of the year...

Bob's Sweet Stripes

I have a hard time not eating the whole bag. They're old-fashioned, soft peppermint sticks. Yum! Watch out 2009...I might just have a mouthfull of rotten teeth!



Is it just me or do others become obsessed with the task of making the holidays special, memorable, God-centered? Okay, okay...that was a rhetorical question. I know the answer. However, something happened the other day that made me relax a bit...

It was last Friday, the day after Thanksgiving and we were just hanging out at home as a family. And then it it started snowing--the first snow of the year! Oh, it was magical! We usually have snow earlier than this so it was much anticipated and the boys were watching with wide eyes as the flakes covered the ground. I can't remember who said it first, but Joel and I were in agreement...we just had to put up the tree!

Typically, I would want everything to be at least semi-orderly, and would put a lot of effort into making the whole decorating process really special and memorable. But without any preparation at all, it just happened....the magic! You know, the magic:)
With Christmas music in the background, we tripped over boxes of ornaments and small children to get our little tree set up, lit, and decorated. We all ate peppermint sticks and everyone was allowed to hang ornaments. Then, as the decorative moss went flying everywhere, we brought the nativity scene out of the box and the boys had fun playing flying angel-guy.
No, our tree doesn't look perfect, and yes we had a few ornament casualties and sticky, peppermint fingerprints were everywhere....but it was perfect! It was festive, it was memorable, and we even had good conversation about how baby Jesus could be bigger and better than a super-hero.

I guess I just realized that the "moments" I strive and hope for during the holidays often cannot be orchestrated. My new hope for the weeks ahead is that we are flexible as a family and make time for those un-orchestrated Christmas moments to happen...


some thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving was so good! My pilates routine is calling, but I wanted to post a few pictures. Oh, how I love you, Turkey Day...I miss you already!


childhood revisited

I was able to spend some time this past week with my childhood friend, Janna. It was so special to see her, her little boy and her sister. Janna and I were the best of friends in elementary school, we showed horses together and she was even in my wedding. She's one of my oldest friends and I love her so much! I love seeing friends after a long time and learning that God has been at work in their lives. So great...


inside their heads

I found these little signs on the outside of Brooklyn's "office". I think they are the rules she made for her space....so darling.

I'm in the process of making a thankful wreath with the four kiddos. Today, we cut out paper leaves, and then I had each child tell me what they were thankful for and I wrote each item on their leaves. They are almost done coloring the leaves and we will glue them tomorrow. It is so fun to get inside their heads and hear what makes them tick. Here are some of the things the kids are thankful for...

Brooklyn (note her very mature answers--she's five!)- "my mom, my dad, my brother, Daisy the dog, friends, My God"

Parker(3.5)-"going to the lake,riding in race cars, riding on motorcycles, God, Mama, Daddy, Griffin"

Tallan (2)- "ME!" Yes, he is thankful for himself--he is very self assured!

Griffin (1.9)- "Daddy!"

And by the way, Parker HAS NEVER ridden in a race car or on a motorcycle....I think he confused me with Santa Claus...geesh. Motorcycle? Not on your life, mister:)



parenting stuff

Just a couple of things I want to share. Possibly boring if you're not a parent...but not to me!

~This article in Parents Magazine, Oct 08, Is My Child Too Sick for School? This topic has been a great mystery for me and now I'm glad that I have an accessible resource to legitimize my thoughts!

~I recently read Beyond Time-Out. It has really great, practical information on how to attack some common parenting problems. I especially appreciated the Ladder Technique.

~We've been listening to Backyardigans: Born To Play for quite a few months now, and we're still not tired of it! The music is fun for kids and adults and it is quite eclectic! Love it!


my favorite

My very favorite veteran of all....my Dad!!
Just about 26-27 years of service, right dad? I should probably be a little more technical than that and tell you his official name and rank and all of the honors he has...but I won't:) But I will tell you that he's a big dude in the Navy... and always has been to me! Love you Dad!!


just this for now

I haven't been in the mood to blog...not sure why. But I don't want to forget about these days, either...so I may be posting pictures with very few words for a while. You know, just to document these special moments--and they're all special!

A picture taken last night at Nicole (Joel's cousin) and Andy's wedding! Congrats, you two, and have a great honeymoon! Oh, and thanks so much for the picture, Vicky!



Ha... Gotcha!! I betcha thought I was going to talk politics. Won't catch me talking about that here. Too bad. So sad:)

But I have to tell you that I'm listening to some classic Christmas music at this very moment while still enjoying my Halloween decorations! I know that would drive most of you crazy, but it is MY HOUSE and it is MY FREEDOM! I know many people get very worked up about the commercialism of the holidays starting so early, but I'll let you in on a little secret....I think it is great!! When else do we spend so much money on OTHER people? Why is it so bad? And if you don't like all of the Christmas stuff out right now, then don't you dare buy a gift before Thanksgiving! The stuff is out because we buy it...and the cycle continues!

Wow. Didn't know I was so passionate about that one. You won't catch me talking about politics, but I will sure as heck tell you what I think about the holidays!

Okay, so back to politics for one little minute...I voted by mail. Love that I didn't have to stand in line. It totally is the way to go. I'm ready for tomorrow when all of this will be over...mainly because I'm tired of the division it has caused in all sorts of circles. It is totally ridiculous. The end.

Deck the Halls!!! Happy Christmas Season!


breaking leaves

You've probably heard of raking leaves....or maybe even breaking bread....but have you ever heard of breaking leaves? Yeah, well me neither. Until Parker educated me on the matter today.

I'm blogging with my coffee (two loves), waiting for my youngest to wake up from nap, and watching two of my boys raking leaves outside in the perfect weather. Good day!


some fall favorites...

so many things...

but here are a few to share tonight:

the leaves are FALLING, and of course, this makes me a little sad because we'll have to say goodbye very soon. But aren't they just beautiful?

this fall we've started a new format for our small group: a much more fluid approach to fellowship including wine, bread, and good conversation. I love it so much. Instead of feeling drained by having small group at our house, I feel refreshed! Isn't that the way it is supposed to be?

And my new autumn tablecloth....ooohhhh! I am so into it. Can't get over the vibrant colors...

cute little pumpkins from the dollar store. I'm sure some grubby, little hands will get a hold of them soon, but I'm enjoying them right now:)

Daily walks with Parker to go pick up B. from school. Special times.

p.s. that is not my slobber on my collar, just so you know. I believe it was Parker's. So there.

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