water baby

I took this picture a week or two agowith my phone. It was Hollyn's first swim at the pool--abd 1st time wearing her cute swimsuit:) She has loved the water from the very beginning...can't get enough of her bath time, the pool, and we'll try the lake soon! I love that all of our kids love water-- even if I don't;)

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I really do not have time for this. If you saw my laundry room (or any room in this house), you would agree and send me to time out. But we went camping with our small group...a.k.a. coolest people in the world:), and it must be documented, or else.

Like I said, I don't have time for this...but it was so.much.fun!
Apparently, I only took pictures of kiddos. Well, at least I captured the offspring of the coolest people ever;)


more pictures

So, since I'm on a roll and all...thought I'd post a couple more pictures tonight before I hit the hay. We've been doing a lot of this. Well, they have...riding bikes and skate boards. Amy on a skateboard would be scary. And wait a minute...Griffin seems to be riding his old bike, without shoes, and without a helmet. Hmmm. Not good. But just so you know, he usually wears shoes AND a helmet and rides a bike that fits him. Just so you know.

Oh man, just remembered that I haven't posted the video of Parker learning to ride his bike without training wheels! That was way back in June...he's a pro now. Stay tuned:)


hello again

I have an infant. That is my excuse. That is why I haven't blogged lately...

Well, actually, it is more like I have three hooligans that don't let me go to the bathroom alone, much less spend ten minutes online! But here I am...all three in bed (thank you very much) and asleep (better be, or else) and I'm spending my ten minutos on amyohmy...poor, neglected blog.

Summertime pictures of late...because I'm fried and pictures are way more fun than my run on sentences:

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