my fishies

So proud of my boys! They just finished swimming lessons today and both improved so much. Since they are around water so much, water safety is super-important. I enjoyed watching their confidence grow and how they learned to respect their teacher -- so important!
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a rare morning

Such a strange morning. But good.

Boys are still sleeping.
Girl is napping.
Husband is in the shower.
No yelling, whining...just classical music in the background.

I'm the only one here! Yippee!!

And I'm trying to speed-read my way through my bookclub book. Bit it is getting good and I don't want to go fast anymore.

Oh, and the coffee. That's a given. My coffee is good company. Such a rare moment...love it!
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spur of the moment

We had some last minute changes at the end of our recent camping trip and decided to book a night at the Westin in downtown Seattle. I love being spontaneous once in a while--as long as it is MY idea:) The boys were pumped to stay in a hotel and walk around the city with Uncle Paul and Auntie Vicky!

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grandma marge

This is an all-time fave picture of my Grandma Marge with Parker. It reminds me of some really special times we spent with her and how much she adored Parker Baby. She passed away early this morning. We will always remember your spunk, Grandma, and how you loved your three boys more than anything else.


to compare

peek-a-boo :)

I'm up late tonight after a run to target and the grocery store...

And I ran across an old photo of Parker as an infant and then another. So then I had to find some of Griffin, the second two.I can't even believe how much Hollyn looks like them. Mostly Parker, I think. I see a bit of Griffin too, though. Now, here is the thing...people who knew Parker as an infant say that Hollyn looks just like him. But if they are newer friends, they say she looks more like Griffin! Weird.

oma & opa

We've been able to spend a couple special days with Oma and Opa (my grandparents) lately. The kids LOVE these people...but who can blame them. I love that my kids are close with their GREAT-grandparents:)

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