some Idol thoughts...

Oh, I don't know...I just can't get into anyone this season! I'm trying really hard to pick my favorite and I just can't get excited. I know that everyone loves some of the big voices, and they do have talent--they just aren't my style. If I had to pick two, I would say Gina and Blake because they are different from the rest and Gina, especially, is a little more edgy. However, as I was sweeping my floor just a bit ago, I came to the realization that I really haven't given any of these contestants a chance because I'm still mourning the end of last season! No...actually, I'm still mourning the loss of Chris Daughtry. I never got over that one! I think that I may have had an itty bitty TV crush on the singer:)

I'm totally not going to give up my show because I love relaxing a couple nights a week while watching Idol! But I have to say that my enthusiasm is wavering because I usually watch by myself. American Idol is just meant to be shared! Joel used to watch, but now he thinks it is sort of silly. And sometimes I get to watch with my good friend, Tara (which is so fun!)...since her husband agrees with Joel. But it was just so great last year because I loved many of the contestants and my sister, Kelsey, and I would watch together. We weren't actually together--she was at her place and I was at mine--but we would usually spend much of the episode on the phone and only talk during the commercials! This year she doesn't get FOX so I'm on my own. Can you tell I'm sad about it?

And please, someone tell me why Sanjaya is still there? What in the heck is that all about? It must be all of those middle school girls who stay up later than me and vote constantly...


Margaret said...

Yes - Sanjaya needs to go! I like Blake! Some of those girls are pretty good!
About the magic eraser - I use it for cleaning tile & grout, it gets crayon off everything, it's great to clean outdoor toys, it's great for bathtubs and showers! Great for the fridge handle too!

Jennisa said...

We are alike in more ways than one! That Sanjaya boy should be gone! I heard there is a votefortheworst site on the internet that is trying to get him to win the thing. I know what you mean about no one being exciting. There is no one like last season. I loved Elliot the most...his CD comes out on Tuesday, and I am SOOOOO there to get it. Chris wasn't so bad either!

Aleah said...

The one show we watch is The Office. So I've flipped and caught a little here and there of "AI" afterwords.
I think it's fun to watch but Philip says, "Oh brother!" and is rather embarrassed for most of the people up there (he has to walk away)! : )

Anonymous said...

Okay... not too much into this season, but do you have thoughts on the new season of ANTM? :) I'm hooked once again ~ Julie

Linda said...

Oh Amy, I wish I could tell you why that young man is still there, but I am wondering the same thing myself. A gal at my work thinks it is because all the little 12 yr olds that have a crush on him can whip out a text in nothing flat...I think she may have a good point.
I like Gina too...she definitly has her own style, as well as Blake..and come on...Blake is a home guy!
See ya, Linda (andi's MOM)

Munchkin Land said...

Hear, hear on the Chris Daughtry crush. =) You and I have such great taste! You should definitely get his CD. I'm not usually a hard rock fan, but there's only 2 or 3 rock songs on there and they're pretty good!

Kim said...

I am mourning over Chris as well...I was so upset last year and I don't think I am over it yet.

Beautiful blog-
I just stopped for a visit!


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