This is what our kitchen looks like most afternoons now that griff and I have some alone time! Griffin LOVES to bake...and I LOVE to be with him! I'm liking this new schedule of ours:)
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I wasn't too sad or emotional going into it...just excited for our boy to experience school! But now I have to say that this whole sending your first off the kindergarten was a bigger deal than I expected! It just feels monumental to already be hitting this major milestone with our first baby. It has made me pause and think about how fast life is flying by. Happy/sad/happy/sad...I mean, I remember so clearly the day we found out we were pregnant...what we ate for dinner, where we went...and even all the details of my labor...that seemed to last forever. And of course, holding our baby boy for the first time. Oh geesh, here I go:) But they have been the BEST years of my life. Life might look different now that we're a school family, but I'm thinking they are going to be just as great!



we have so many changes going on this week....we're trying to keep a few things normal. Like brotherhood....the good, bad, & ugly!
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