After being sick last week, we were out and about again these last few days. For me, sick kids=lonely days for mama. It took me a while to realize why I was feeling a little down and the it dawned on me...I missed my friends! As you all know, play dates and activities are not all for the kids. I need those relational connections! And, by the way, I have some of the greatest girlfriends. And on top of getting out with the kids, Joel and I got to go on a date and I even got a night out with the girls. A good week!

We took the boys downtown to Riverfront Park and Red Robin for a family date. I love Red Robin because screaming kids don't seem to phase the people, for the most part! Plus, the Whiskey River BBQ Chicken Burger is the bomb.

Here are some pictures from the big fountain and the carousel ride...


little cowboys

My boys were total rascals today. No, really they were really quite BAD! It is like they ate something weird or they were bit by something...they were something else, especially this evening in the bathtub. Parker and Griffin were sliding and flipping and making noises that I've never even heard come out of a human. There are days when I really feel like the males are taking over the house...today was one of them!

Joel is working the weekend so Kelsey and I took the boys on a fun trip out to Greenbluff. I was the woman with the crazy kid throwing rocks and running all over with chocolate ice cream all over him. Ugh. Anyway, there were some really bright moments today....

Parker and Griffin's first horsey-ride! I used to show horses as a kid so this was extra special for me. Parker was a bit weary at first, but after he saw his little brother become a cowboy he was begging for his turn. I was a proud mama!

And then, to make the day even more exciting, Grandpa took Parker for a "tractor" ride. Lucky boy. Especially for a naughty one ;)


freeze please

I'm here...but not really here at the computer much. I've been thinking about how busy summer is. How can it already be near the end of July? I have so many things to accomplish, people to see this summer. It can't be August running towards us! And I stay at home with my kids--I shouldn't be that busy. I'm really not...it just seems that way maybe?

Anyway, no point to this bit of a rant. Just saying that life is going by super-duper fast and I can't keep up. Time flies when you're having fun, I guess, but I'd like to sit and sip my coffee for a while, if you please. Thank you very much.


first in 6 months!

We recently returned home after another wonderful vacation with family--this time to Glacier National Park with my side of the family. Now, a few of us are sick. Can't tell you how many episodes of Backyardigans we've had on today:) I secretly love that show....but after today, that may change! I didn't even feel a bit guilty about excessive TV today. My super outdoorsy boy rejected the idea of walking to the park. Now, that is SICK!

I'll put together a little slide show of our trip later....after I swipe a few from other family members:) But I love this picture of Kelsey and me after our "strenuous" hike! It is the first one of the two of us taken in six months! Yes, we were reunited with our little sis and we couldn't be happier!



I know, three posts in one day after a looooong absence is totally crazy! I guess I'm just in the mood to get caught up.

Check out my new momobile. Mazda5. I love it! Isn't she a beauty? You tell me...is the a van or a car? I like to keep it a mystery:) Hmmm...I believe the color of ours is more like a dark gray/blue.

what a boy!

This picture captures my oldest baby in all of his glory! The expression is sooo Parker. I love this picture. I love this boy...

p.s. thanks dan:)

lake pictures

Feeling pretty lazy so I don't feel like making my own slideshow:) But here is the album Dan put together for us! Enjoy!


the good life

We spent the last week at the lake. Oh, it was so good this year! I took about two pictures the entire time, but our friend Dan captured the best moments and was nice enough to share. I'll post some later. I miss recording our life on my little blog so I'm going to get caught up a little bit.

I was feeling ambitious a few Saturdays ago and decided to take the boys up to Greenbluff to pick strawberries....on my own--Joel worked the weekend. I used to sit around and feel slightly sorry for myself on Joel's work weekends, but not anymore! I try to do special things and just enjoy the time. I try, at least. It ended up being a great trip. The boys were wonderful and got a kick out of eating all of the fruit and petting all the animals. I think they also enjoyed charming all of the old ladies:) Just another day in the good life....

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