I really, really, really miss being on here. A lot. But here is the thing...totally lame excuse coming...my computer is in the office/dump room. It is THE room in the house where nothing is unpacked, it still needs to be painted...and even the computer is dusty and gross. Long story short: I just don't like to be in here because then I am reminded that I should be working on fixing this little problem. Ugh. I'm typing with my eyes closed right now. I don't have the clarity of mind to say anything important on here, but here are a few randoms:

*I don't know what is happening, but I feel so hungry. And I'm tired of it. I am seriously not eating for fun anymore...I feel like a bottomless pit. I could eat three dinners. Also, I'm only 13 weeks or so and I'm already about the size I was at 20 or so with the boys. This third pregnancy is so weird. But anyway, I love the little swimmer anyway. He/She makes me happy.

*I had a dilemma in my head the other day at the grocery store. I was supposed to be shopping for the snack for Parker's school the next day. I couldn't make up my mind...should I be the cool mom and get the fruit snacks and juice boxes? Or should I be the good mom and buy the organic carrots and hummus? I know. Dumb thing to even think about. I don't think I necessarily fit into either category...so....I got the graham crackers and mini raisin boxes with flavored waters. Compromise:)

*Have I mentioned how much I LOVE our new house? SO MUCH. I would post pictures....but....hmmm...where is my camera? Probably in this scary room somewhere. And I would take pictures with my phone, but someone Griffinized it and it is no more. Bummer. But use your imagination:) It is really great and spacious...has a rockin master bath...super duper kitchen....and clutter everywhere!

Love to you all! That is it for now. See, I told you I didn't have any meat to share, Kels:)


admiral grampa!

Just returned home from a weekend of celebration. The boys loved touring Grampa's old airplane. I remember doing the same thing when I was their age and thinking my dad was a total rock star! Love this shot!

And then there is this one....what happened? I would LOVE to add some captions here, but they might not be appropriate--especially Griffin's:) But I love this picture of my boys!

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