I had to share...

Griffin's eyes are open and, oh my goodness, does he look like his Daddy, or what?! I just had to share these pictures of my newest love. He has officially awakened from his slumber. Oh my! I would still consider him a pretty easy baby and he still sleeps quite a bit....but seriously, this guy really just needs to learn how to pass some gas or something! Mr. Lazy Bones has become Mr. Grumpy Pants:)

I'm learning that my kiddos sure don't care if I'm sick or not...and I think this is sort of sucky. Where is the sympathy? Since Griffin was born, I've just not be well at all. Of course, I was recovering from surgery and then I had that stomach bug...and then just as I was getting over that one, we all came down with a cold that turned into bronchitis. These are things that I really didn't factor in as I was preparing for this time. I've been discouraged because just when I think I'm going to feel up to going out and participating in the world again, I start to feel horrible. And now, at this very moment, Parker is refusing to take his nap and Griffin is screaming in gas pain! Come on boys, mama needs some down time!


Aleah said...

All I can say is "Welcome".

I'm so sorry you've been feeling
yucky. And everyone else too.
No fun at all.

A month after Ella was born the 3 boys came down with the stomach flu. I just got it lightly but sure had some cleaning up to do from the kids! (It's funny how the really tough times slowly fade away though)
It seems God wants to teach something in those situations....I still don't know what! Maybe to rely on Him more or others too??
Which you really have to do the more children you have! : )
This I struggle with.

I hope you feel better soon! I understand what you're going through, I'm sure alot of Moms do!

I love the pictures of Griffin! Yes he does look like Joel. Crazy!

Hope you guys have a good weekend -or try too!

AndiMae said...


Oh, my goodness! Griffin is so cute! He looks so much like Joel, but my first thought was actually that he totally has Erik and Audrey's eyebrows! (at least in these pictures). I hope I get to see him soon b/c he is already looking older...

P.S. In regards to your last post...yes! Your mom IS amazing! I don't know what I would have done w/out her and my own mom's help after I had Audrey. They are both so awesome in times like that! Like you said, it is so nice to have someone around to help after having a baby (esp. a c-section!) who you don't have to tell what to do and knows your house. Yay for our great mamas!

Munchkin Land said...

Oh Amy... I hear you loud and clear, friend!! I completely understand about the gas-thing; I feel absolutely horrible when Hudson scrunches his legs in pain!!

I have to admit, Griffin is absolutely adorable. Isn't it amazing how fast they've captured our hearts?!

Kati said...

The first thing I said when seeing these pictures was, "my goodness he looks like Joel". So cute...and I love his expression!

I am sorry you're feeling so yucky. That's no fun. We'll be praying that you all get well, and that little Griffin learns how to "toot" every now and again!

Shawnee said...

Griffin sure is adorable! Sorry you and your family have been sick lately, hope that passes soon!

Also, you are so lucky to have such a supportive family in your time of need.

Sheri said...

Oh that baby is so cute!!

Tammy said...

He is so adorable! It's really not helping my baby fever one bit that I keep seeing cute pictures of him. I hope the little guy starts feeling better!

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