I like to be tagged. Not the real kind of tag in elementary school...the pretend, blogworld kind of tag where you get to write random things about yourself. This time I get six. Thank you, Anya:)

1. I usually don't stress about money...and I usually think that is great. But at this very moment, I am stressed about money and I don't think it is great. Ugh.

2. We've been eating pumpkin like it is going out of style. Pumpkin waffles, pumpkin yogurt, pumpkin bread, Pumpkin muffins....hmmmm.....oh, and Griffin eats pumpkin puree like it is candy! We love it. I wish I thought about using it more often. I'll be using it in our pumpkin chili for our annual Halloween party. We might just turn orange before the month is over.

3. Oh, Halloween!!! I can't wait! Griffin is going to be a bear because I found a bear costume in our garage that is size 24 months. No question about that one...he IS a bear most days. A very cute bear. And Parker wants to be a Power Ranger. I don't know how he even knows what a power ranger is! I've tried to change his mind but he is adamant. And Jack apparently is going to be a Power Ranger as well.

4. Just as I was deciding to do a series of picture posts, my camera broke!! Oh, what is a mama to do without a camera? I seriously think that it is torture. And it didn't help my #1 on this list. Bummer. However, I found information on Canon's website about a common problem they are finding with my model and will likely fix it for free! Woo Hoo!! But I need it back fast, or else;)

5. I'm reading Water Cooler Diaries...seriously so cool! I love reading about other people's lives in short snippets--which is sort of crucial for my lifestyle right now!

6. I must get off the computer right now. Right this very moment.....but I'm a professional procrastinator and I just don't feel like doing pilates right now. This is much more comfortable. Yep. I could do this sort of thing for a while:)


It has been a messy day. We're fine. Nothing is really wrong. Here is the very short story....roto rooter to the rescue. And the culprit? A little boy who likes to use half a roll of toilet paper--each time he goes #1. :)

Enough with that. Let's have a do-over...


The day was actually very good. Let's see...

flowers from Tara's yard, juice boxes for lunch, super cute flash cards from Auntie Vicky

An autumn walk on the way to B's school.

We take the scenic route so we can get some exercise and see the chickens/ducks/bunnies. What cute little backsides, don't you think?

Yes. It was a very good day.



Have you met Jack yet?

Let me introduce you...
He's very, very cool. Oh, so cool.

Jack is...
about ten, we think
white, spiked hair
He knows how to water ski
and he can do flips
very agreeable and patient
not required to sit in a car seat
always makes it to the bathroom on time
not afraid of monsters
a skateboarder
the best playmate ever
a constant addition to our dinner table
and he eats pizza, macaroni and cheese, spaghetti and more
can shrink himself

Jack showed up at our house a few months ago and he is Parker's very best imaginary friend.
We love you, Jack;)


well, that was fun

Try a wordle. Just typing that makes me smile:)


puter down

I have a love/hate relationship with our computer...and right now it isn't on my nice list. The thing won't even turn on! It isn't listening to me and I really don't like it when it does that. Puter needs a timeout.

Until we find a solution to this bad behavior I will be MIA. Grrrrr.

Love to all...


My 2+2

I've shared this before, but I think this quote is one of things that inspired me to take on two more kids during the day. I enjoy giving what is mine to give...

I've been wanting to write on here for a while about how things are going with my 2+2 kiddos. But really, I decided to wait for a couple of weeks so the honeymoon period would wear off and I'd be left with some real feelings. In a word--it is GREAT!

Not great, as in This is so easy, they're perfect kids, I'm so good at this, and everything is hunkey dorey sort of way.

But great, as in these kids are such blessings, God has orchestrated all of the details, this is hard work, but God gives me enough energy each day sort of way.

More later, I am sure. But for now, I'm enjoying my 2+2...


fall fun...

Who DOESN'T love fall? I'm in love with this season for so many reasons. One problem I have with it is that there are so many things to do together as a family and not enough time! We've enjoyed some great times together lately, including a family hike and a trip to the fair...

I think hiking ranks up there with reading with my kids as one of my favorite activities. I breathe in the fresh air, capture a glimpse of my family in their element... and it is bliss.

And what can beat watching a child's eyes light up after petting a chicken? My mom and I took Parker out to the fair the other night and it was so special! He was SO into the animals...especially the chickens! He asked if he could have one. My mom told him that was up to his mom and dad. I think that he should be able to get a chicken if I can get a mini horse and keep it in our dog run. Is that a deal, Joely? ;)) It is totally a win-win situation!


just the two of us...

You know what I was thinking here? I was just bubbling over with love for my Griffin, whom I had met just moments before! What a good, good day.

I am reminiscing today because Parker and Joel are off at the lake and Griffin and I are alone and loving it! I love being able to devote all of my attention to just one child every now and then. I've noticed that Griffin has been acting a bit jealous lately because of the extra kids around and so I'm so happy we get to spend some time just the two of us.

To my Griff...

Oh, how I love you! You make me laugh all.day.long! Like yesterday, when you found the only mud puddle in the park...and swam in it. Even when I shouldn't be laughing, you flash your photo-op grin and I'm a gonner.

You know, you are exactly like your daddy. I mean, exactly. I don't know if there is a bit of mama in you...except maybe the crazy big eyes. Your appearance and your demeanor is just all daddy...which is maybe why I have a bit of a crush on you!

Your spirit, your heart, your humor, your energy, and your buttery tummy...all of you...your mama loves you forever.

Even when your throw your eggs at me.

love you, mama


freaking lucky

photo: B., Griff, and Park watching the cars go by.

I'm not sure about other people, but my reflective thoughts do not come out in a poetic fashion. I am no poet...I guess beautiful words are not my specialty. My reflective thoughts come to me in this sort of way....
"YOU are so FREAKING lucky!!!"

Yeah, how is that for beautiful? The "freaking lucky" one keeps coming back to me...usually while I'm watching my boys play nice together (he he) and I'm just overwhelmed with love. Or when my husband tells me how much he loves me...or I come home to our cozy house...or when I get to spend time with our great families...or feel such love from friends. I don't deserve this.

But that is just the thing, I DON'T deserve this. And that is the beautiful part. In fact, if I got what I really deserved from my efforts, my life would resemble a pit. A big, fat pit. A slimy one. You think that is an exaggeration, but it is not. Most people with my faith background know this has nothing to do with luck. Some would call this amazing grace...or maybe just say that I've been blessed--which is true. But I apparently like to call it freaking lucky.

I have a good life and I'm so thankful...



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