march madness at our house...

This is what March Madness looks like at our house this year! Parker was taking a nap during this game, but if he had been awake, I'd have a picture up of him running back in forth in our living room, pretending to be one of the "bee-ball" players:) I assume that, in years to come, our home will get a littler crazier during this month of basketball overload!

Griffin was wearing his Cougar t-shirt (thank you Auntie Kels) yesterday when WSU was playing but I could never get a picture without him making a strange face when the flash went off! Maybe this is why Cougar basketball is over for the year. Bummer. I can't handle watching teams lose. I just can't stop thinking about all of those boys' mamas and what they are feeling! I told Joel that it is better this way because now we can just sit back and enjoy the games without all of the pressure. I don't think he agreed with me:)


Vicky said...

Cute picture. Have a good week


Jennisa said...

great picture of 2 of your 3 favorite boys...

AndiMae said...

Once again, you are so the Sunny D mom! You are so cute, Amy-girl :) I love you!

Aleah said...

I love this picture, Sleepy sleepy baby!

Hope Parker didn't get any new injuries playing basketball! ; )

Love, Aleah

Jen said...

LOVE this picture!! I love that Parker likes bee-ball so much! :) Thanks again for having us over for dinner! We had SO much fun!!

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