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When we first found out that I was pregnant with Griffin, I really couldn't imagine the amount of support we were going to receive throughout the pregnancy and after his birth. Since we were sort of new to the area, I honestly believed that no one would care and that the new baby's life wouldn't be celebrated. I sure was pessimistic...and hormonal! I couldn't have been more wrong. We quickly found ourselves with an amazing group of friends who surrounded us with love and support throughout the pregnancy, and now even more after the birth. Griffin is now over three weeks old and we ares till receiving meals and our freezer is stocked full of more!

Our family has also been amazing! When I was feeling bad during my pregnancy, family members from both sides would help me take care of Parker on many occasions or help me clean our house and much more. People seemed to realize that I was having a hard time. This, of course, has continued since Griffin arrived. We have been blessed with amazing family.

I've really been wanting to share how much it has meant to have my mom around to help. Joel and I call my mom our "manager":) I'm not sure what would have happened to our household if she hadn't been helping us these past few weeks. She has cleaned, cooked, done laundry, changed diapers.....well, just about everything that I should have been doing, but couldn't for a while! It is great that I don't have to ask my mom to help; she just sees what needs to be done and does it. I also don't have to show her where anything is or how we do things around our house with Parker. We've had a lot of help from a lot of people, but my mom has done the bulk of it because she is the one I have needed. I need my mom when I'm recovering from childbirth/surgery. She is the one I feel comfortable with seeing me in not such a glamorous state or mood. She loves me even when I'm cranky and mean and she is even able to tell me what to do...without me getting too mad! She has been such a blessing!
The picture above is a shot of my mom (or Mooma, if you ask Parker) with Griffin and Parker on the day Griffin was born.


Vicky said...

Moms are the BEST :) Great pic


Anonymous said...

Hi Amy - a new site has been set up for us Feb Mommies by Kylie (heartsugarnurse) and Jill (Chances Mom) - they've both been kicked off FF - here's the site - spread the news to anyone who you have contact with thru email or phone numbers....about 20 have already joined & it's FREE!!!


Kelsey said...

We do have a pretty amazing mama, don't we? I just hope I live close enough when I have kids so that she can help me out too! I love you!


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