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frozen beauty

Can't really capture this kind of beauty with a camera phone... but, my goodness!! Feeling pretty blessed to call this my home sweet home.
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a favorite

Despite the fact that my little sister is not featured, this is still one of my favorite family pictures! My parents were SO YOUNG...and so were me and my brother:)


*video* If I knew then...

...What I know now:

I would not have spaced our first two children so close in age.

I realize 22 months isn't that close, but it is for me. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't trade it now...but I do feel like a little more time would have been good for everyone.

I worried a bit that the bigger space between Griffin & Hollyn (3 years, 3 months) and the fact that they were different genders would create too much distance. But so far, I was SO wrong. Now I'm wishing that they were all over 3 years apart!

Of course...I'm so glad that I didn't know then what I know now...because I wouldn't have this family! Does that make any sense?

The bond between the Griff and Hollyn is sweet and hilarious! No one can get Hollyn to laugh quite like Griffin! She lights up and squeals whenever she spots him. She also isn't afraid to put him in his place when he gets too rough...or annoying:) They sit and play together in the living room for such long periods of time that I sometimes feel a bit guilty about my lack of involvement!

The video is a couple minutes long and pretty uneventful, but you can get an insider's look at their sweet relationship...



She is 7 months today. Boo. I've never been one to dread my babies growing up. But this is different. Hollyn is the last hurrah for this clan and I feel like our days of sweet innocence are slipping away. Why is life flying by like this?! Maybe we're just having too much fun :)

She is the happiest baby I've ever met. Ever. I love her to pieces and she has captured a part of my heart that I didn't even know existed. Oh, Hollyn Joy, I love you...evenbif you are growing up at the speed of light!
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