sister of the bride

I'm not sure how it all happened. My sister is married. She is a Mrs. now and lives in a far off land...so to speak. She is no longer this precious, little baby I met in 1987! But really, she's even better now!

I was so excited on the day Kelsey was born. So nervous. I even lost my lunch over the whole ordeal. You see, I was six years old and was at the perfect age for getting a baby sister. What fun to be able to take care of a real, live baby! Having such a gap between us allowed me to experience just a taste of what it would be like to have my own babies. I'm pretty sure I remember this photo being taken...in the hospital, I believe.

And then she grew up and conqered just about everything...including The Wheel of Fortune! We went through stages, of course. She didn't stay THAT cute forever:) She was irritating....I was bossy. We fought. But whatever. Then we became the best of friends. And then she fell in love and she got more beautiful by the second. I really believe that Bryant has made her even more beautiful, inside and out. Look at her...

I was not quite as nervous on the monumental day of her life. I didn't lose my lunch, although it looks here as though SHE wanted to:) I was just so happy. That is it. Well, that and praying that I wouldn't split my dress wide open. But I was overjoyed and so honored to be standing next to her instead of holding her like I did on that very first day of her life!

The beautiful couple...love you two so much!


belly shot about 24 weeks

I used to be so anti bare-belly pictures....but I don't care anymore. This is my third and I might as well see the reality of my growth. Maybe I should call this "my growing derriere" instead of "growing girth" :) Just kidding. It is all a part of the road to baby!

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