things i love... #1

Just pretend I am like Julie Andrews singing about my favorite things! I am really enjoying some simple things these days and I feel like sharing.

#1 The way my boys smell, except when the obvious happens. I especially love when they smell like graham crackers. Griffin just entered this stage and I'm just eating it up.

More to come...


Springtime Fun

I have found it is really pointless to complain too much about the weather...because we have absolutely no control over it. Oh, and gas prices...totally not worth spending time complaining about. But I'll admit, I do both from time to time:) But let's just say that spring has sprung verrry slowly in these parts and we'll take any sunny day we can get. Yesterday was one of them. I failed to take pictures because every time I went to look for the camera, something happened. It was a beautiful day and we spent much of it outside...how refreshing! Parker was even able to use one of his birthday gifts and I'm now a huge fan!

These outside paints are so cool! I love being able to let the kids loose and not worry about a mess inside. The paint easily washes off with a hose and the boys have fun making colorful art--what could be better?

Looking forward to more Springtime Fun!


before and after

Can't believe the difference a few months makes!


Happy Birthday Parker

My first baby is THREE
How can it be?

He says it best all by himself...


Parker's Party

We moved our computer into our new office space and now our internet connection is so s-l-o-w. I mean really slow. And annoying. I really want to post pictures of Parker's party, but I don't have the patience. So instead, I'll post this link to pictures my friend Dan took. His are way better than mine anyway! Thank you, Dan...you saved the day again! It was a perfect day. I really can't believe how perfect it was.

Parker's 3rd Birthday!


delayed gratification

It seems that for an almost three year old, delayed gratification is simply torture during the "delay". Who can blame him? I don't particularly enjoy it either. Parker has been asking endlessly about his upcoming birthday. I went out this morning to get some party decorations and he started crying when he couldn't play with the plates. The poor thing...a big package was delivered to our house today containing a delightful birthday gift. He knows it is for him but he isn't allowed to open it yet. Oh, the torture! And we've literally been telling him for months that his new bedroom is almost ready....and that day still hasn't come. Very soon, maybe even in time for his party on Saturday!

Exciting days ahead! And about that mysterious box, a little hint:)


love it

And you should too.

I promise....Bath & Body Works isn't paying me to say this! I've been using this lip gloss for quite a few months now--and I'm hooked. It is the perfect combination of good shine and color, great therapeutic qualities, and it even tastes good. My sister introduced me to this stuff but I chose a different color. Tint no. 1137 is the best. I promise. And I'm an expert in lip care products. Try it, you'll never go back to your old stuff.

Oh, and apparently Griffin loves this stuff as much as I do. Whenever he sees the tube, he begs to carry it around and use it for his teether. I'm just hoping he doesn't puncture it, because then we could have quite a mess!

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