sweet parker

We've been having really great conversations with Parker lately. The way kids learn and absorb the world is mind-blowing sometimes. Kids are so much smarter than we give them credit! But a couple of really cute conversations stand out from the last week or so...

Me driving and a bit distracted, Parker in the back set trying on a pretend wedding ring.

P: Mom, when can I get married?
ME: Well, hmmm....when you are older and find a girl and you fall in love.
P: Well, I'm in love with you, mama. I'll marry you.
ME: I love you too, babe, but Daddy already married me and I can only be married to one person.
P: oh. {silence, thinking}
P: Mom? Is Miss Tara married? I think I'm in love with her.
*Tara is one of our best friends...and she's almost 30:) At least he has good taste!

Another converation...I was responding to emails in the office and Parker was working on some art projects. I was slightly distracted...again!

P: Mom, how can I get to heaven with God?
ME: ummmmmm.....(totally taken off guard) hmmmmm....well, someday you can pray and ask God to be your very best friend and for Jesus to come into you heart.
P: Oh.
ME: When you are ready, let me know and we can pray about that...
P: Someday?! I wanna do it now! Now, what do I say to God?

I tell him and I see him go to the corner and thanks God for his life and his house..."and please be my friend and come into my tummy...um, I mean my hearts. Dear God, Thank you...aMEN!"


happy book

I just started a new book that is making me oh.so.happy!! My Life In France by Julia Child. I looooove reading about food, culture, and travel. She describes food in a way that makes my mouth water for dishes I wouldn't normally touch with a ten-foot pole! I'm not far in the book yet, but so far...I smile every time I turn a page. :))


poor thing

My poor, little blog...such neglect! I promise to get back to business soon. We've been busy trying to make the most of the summer...

*Many a weekend spent at the lake.
*Playing in the backyard.
*Venturing out to parks.
*Trips here and there.
*Swimming at the (family) pool.
*House hunting.
*Spending waaaaaaay too much time thinking about house crap. Yep, crap. I'm sick of it. Ready to get back to real life. Soon, I hope!

Enough of that...in other news, my sister is moving to Louisiana tomorrow for a great job. But I'm still trying to get over the fact that she's not just going on a trip this time...she's moving. But I'm so excited for her. It really is going to be great...just different.

Also...how in the heck is it already August? Really, after the winter that lasted 8 months or so, you'd think that we could have 8 months of summer...right? Oh, I'm just not ready to give it up. Slow down!

I promise to be back here more often...lots of stuff to be thankful for and to record!

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