Sometimes, silence is the only music I want to hear.

Music is a constant in our house...we almost always have a CD playing. We love it, our boys love it and I especially love how music can set or change a mood when needed.

However, in those sacred moments--the few that happen every now and then when both boys are napping at the same time--and it seems like I am all alone in the house....all I want is SILENCE! No music, no phone calls, no TV. Just me and my brain...trying to settle down from the morning. Sometimes this can take a while and sometimes I don't have enough time. Oh, but I crave it! I need it! A time of refreshing for a mama of young children is in order right about now.

Off to enjoy the silence...


light ahead

Yeah...mom getting sick is never really a good idea. And this is no ordinary cold--strep throat! The kind that makes you want to rip your throat out and leaves you with no voice. And all this while Parker and Griffin were demanding my attention.

I'm usually not like this at all, but now that we're almost all healthy and antsy to get out of the house, I'm not sure that I'm going to be taking my kids to any public kids place for a while. It seems like whenever I do, the kids must lick a pole or something and they bring back nasty germs. Plus, I believe the entire country is sick and contagious and I don't want to have anything to do with it anymore.

But of enough of that...there are some nice things going on:

*Griffin is toddling all over. He just walks laps and laps around our house and sings like a jolly, little elf. Cutest thing ever.
*It is sunny today and probably about 50 degrees. Boiling! :)
*It is almost time for some updated pictures of the basement progress. It is really taking shape!
*American Idol results tonight!!
*We went on a library trip today and I found that I only have $3 in charges. Huge improvement! Also, I love seeing Parker's smile when he gets to meet the stuffed animal at story time. I still haven't figured out if he knows they are stuffed.

Okay, so life is a little bit uneventful. This happens when the whole family is sick for months on end. We can't wait to join life again and see our friends and family!


mom got sick

I thought I was going to be able to avoid it, but the day that both the boys seemed healthy, I came down with a fever and body aches. Now it has traveled to my throat. However, I am so happy that I didn't have this while the boys needed me more than usual. I feel that is a major blessing! But if you call me, I may not answer the phone because it is painful to talk:)

I made the mistake of telling Parker that he couldn't have a bite of my cereal because it had germs. What was I thinking?! The boy already has food issues and now he is asking me constantly if his food has germs. How do I explain germs to an almost three year old? Geeesh!

In wonderful news, we added another blessing to our extended family this morning! Caleb Ryan was born to Lyndzie and Brandon and weighed in at 6 lbs 14oz and 19". Five hours of labor and two weeks early....lucky girl! Congrats to the two of you!


library day

We've reinstated library day at our house. From the ages of about 2 to 2 1/2 Parker was not fit to be taken to the library. If I did attempt a library run with him, I'd soon remember why I didn't like to. Parker never used to see books...he saw FREEDOM!! Freedom to run wildly throughout the building and sing at the top of his lungs, smiling broadly at the quiet readers. No, Parker wasn't a library kid for a while. But now we have matured and library time is now a bit more like it is supposed to be. We have an occasional song....a high jump every now and then, but Parker is definitely more interested in the books these days. Oh, and the movies. Can't forget the movies!

But I've found something even more lovely than library movies--library books with accompanying audio CD's! Parker loves to get cozy on the couch and read his books by himself while listening to the entertaining CD. It is so cool! I'm not sure why it took me so long to realize my Parker would love this sort of thing.

This is my favorite so far.... Leo the Lightning Bug by Eric Drachman. It seriously is the cutest book ever and has certainly struck a chord with Parker. This is what the publisher has to say...
"Although the other lightning bugs tease him, Leo is determined to make his own light, and with motherly support and a little luck, he eventually learns to light up the night, which leads to a new-found confidence and a good night's sleep."


random fact

I'm terrified of the hantavirus. It is so disgusting and scary to me even though it is so rare. Yet another reason why I think God may have been mistaken when he created mice. Yuck....

Not sure why I was thinking about this again...probably because my sister's boyfriend made a video starring a guinea pig. He's quite talented.... Bryant, not the guinea pig:)

pretty colors

The kids are sick and grumpy. We're going on two weeks now. Mom might be a little bit grumpy too. No running water today...plumber is here to put in the bathroom. Dust and grime everywhere from the jack-hammer work downstairs. Oh, and kids who desperately needed naps but the noise was too scary.

It has been a tiring day...

However, I'm really trying not to complain because we will have some brand new space in just a little while. I won't even remember this chaos. I've been thinking of paint colors, bathroom fixtures...and our pretty new bedroom coming to our home very soon! Through all of the grit and grime under my feet, I am dreaming of all the memories to be made in this lovely new part of our home.

Counting the days...and dreaming of pretty colors.

p.s. thinking of that cellini gold for the bathroom with white bead board trim and vanity.


The Giver

I reread The Giver a few weekends ago. I think I read it the first time in middle school and it left a lasting impression. Even though it made quite an impact back then, I still couldn't remember the whole story so I decided to dive into it again. It is a really quick read, but I found that it left me in a bubble of thoughts through the entire weekend. I was left thinking about free will, love, pain...things I believe we should be considering as followers of Jesus. I'm so glad I read it again and I think I may even buy a used copy to have around. Highly recommended!

P.S. We had a great Valentine's day as a family. Very low-key and simple. Andi had us over to decorate cookies...definitely a a good time. She has a great post and pictures here.


I don't even want to know...

Disclaimer: So sorry, but if you don't want to read about nasty things, you've come to the wrong place...I have boys in this house:)

Recent conversation with Parker while changing his poop:

P: Is it terrible?
Me: Uhhh...yeah.
P: Is it crunchy?
Me: What?
P: Is it yummo?
Me: What?!
P: Is it disgusting?
Me: Yes!
P: Is it crunchy and yummo?!
Me: I'm not going to even answer that....go to bed.

Please, I don't even want to know how we got to this point. Since when is poop yummo? Time to poop in the potty, son. Way too much information...


with style

I recently cut this wonderful quote out of a magazine. I have it up on my special bulletin board above my kitchen sink. I love it! The style part of it makes me smile because I think most people really do want to "give" and "be" in a way that is unique. It is something I hope to live out and pass on to my children...


walking, talking, growing

In all of my excitement to post about Griffin's birthday, I forgot some important things....

He started walking a few weeks ago
Well....three or four steps at a time and then he tries to jump--which doesn't really work out.

He is healthy
21 lbs 4 oz--25%
Just about 30"--55%
and his head circumference is only in the 85% this time:)

And he talks
Seriously. I don't think anyone else believes me, but mama knows best...and I'm the mama!
No suprise here, but his first word (other than names) was "eat".


griffin-our fresh perspective

Griffin Jacob
7 lbs 1 oz
20.75 "

How can it be a year already? Seems like just yesterday I was sharing his birth story on here...

Let me just start by saying Griffin is nothing like I expected him to be at age one! I've said before that Griffin barely moved when I was pregnant. I was pretty sure our baby was going to be a really quiet, gentle-spirited little one..kind of like how I was as a little girl. Hah! God is funny!

Here is a list of some of the things Griffin is definitely NOT:


Oh no...our Griffin is a firecracker. Never a dull moment, he is always moving, always jabbering, telling us exactly what should be done and when. He is sure a spirited little guy and, my goodness, he has a set up pipes! That guy can yell...and he does, especially when his brother steals a toy. One of his favorite things to do lately is craw as fast as he can into the bedroom to capture Parker's blankies. What a stinker!

But he has captured my heart in a way I thought was unimaginable. Before I laid eyes on him, I really wasn't sure I could love another like I love Parker. But of course, I was so wrong. Griffin is pure sweetness and I knew it right on the day he was born. Those bright blue eyes, deep dimples, and ever-ready grin are irresistible. And he knows it.

A list of things Griffin actually is:

adorable...so easy to love
FUNNY--total comedian
conversationalist--he's a yapper
mama's boy (doubly smart)

In the months leading up to Griffin's birth, I really was at a loss as for how to pray for our new baby in a specific way. I think I was so fearful of not being able to match my love for Parker that I couldn't even think straight. But in my last few weeks of pregnancy, I ended up praying a very simple prayer repeatedly...

"Dear God, I ask that this baby brings us a fresh perspective."

Isn't that an odd way to pray for a new baby? But I just felt it....didn't even think about it much. Now it makes perfect sense.

Griffin's birthday was so important for me to celebrate for many, many reasons. Of course, a first birthday is always a joyous occasion and Griffin is such a gift. He has changed our lives for the better and made our lives more full. He's taught us new ways to love and changed our perspective. He's been used to humble and stretch us, make us wiser and hopefully better parents.

But the year since Griffin's birth has not felt easy by any means. In fact, it has probably been one of the hardest years for me personally. The things that were hard were not necessarily events that happened, but things that God was working out in my heart. I really feel like Griffin was used to usher in this process. Even though it was a very hard year in many ways, I truly feel like it has probably been the best year of my life. God has been refining me and has brought about growth and maturity that I didn't even know I needed.

So today is both a celebration of Griffin's beautiful first year and also a celebration of a year full of refinement, joy...and a fresh perspective. Thank you, God, for our Griffin.

This is the day

{pictures from the party last weekend}

I've got that song in my head going round and round. It is such a great day because this is the day one year ago that God gave us Griffin. Thank God for Griffin...and I do not mean thank god for griffin. I really mean THANK YOU LORD for letting us have Griffin. I feel as though there really is a difference:)

Some birthday reflections to come...


I'm not proud...

Just got off the phone with my little sister...I just knew it was her calling! It goes with out saying, but I miss her. Her phone call made my day....my week. But here is something that she really didn't need to share with me:

Kels: I ate blood sausage.
Amy: No! Traitor! What exactly is that?

Kels: Exactly what it sounds like.

What is happening? This isn't supposed to go this way. No, not her....WE ARE PICKY!

When we sent her off to Spain, I really didn't think she'd change this much. You call this culture? This I am not proud of!

But Kels...who cut it for you? :)

a little interruption

Yes, we have another birthday boy this week. Our little Griffin will turn one on the 7th. Holy Moly! We had our family gathering for his birthday this past weekend and it was just perfect. But the week leading up to it...oh my gosh.

Here is the short version: So after Tuesday's events with the Explorer vs. snow and all that drama, I hear on Wednesday morning that our power will be out the whole day because the electrician was coming to work on the house. I had about a half an hour to get the boys out of the house. We spent the whole day out and came back home around seven to find that only half our power was back on and our furnace was broken. Spent the night at my parent's house....which turned into four nights. Yes, it took them this long to fix the furnace. Oh, and the boys got sick. And then I did of course. After celebrating Griffin's birthday at my parent's home on Saturday night, we returned home on Sunday morning. Phew...I'm tired.

But we're happy to be home and so thankful for our home away from home. A warm bed in the middle of winter is a good thing. It was actually really fun have an unexpected vacation with my family. Birthday pictures to come...

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