walking, talking, growing

In all of my excitement to post about Griffin's birthday, I forgot some important things....

He started walking a few weeks ago
Well....three or four steps at a time and then he tries to jump--which doesn't really work out.

He is healthy
21 lbs 4 oz--25%
Just about 30"--55%
and his head circumference is only in the 85% this time:)

And he talks
Seriously. I don't think anyone else believes me, but mama knows best...and I'm the mama!
No suprise here, but his first word (other than names) was "eat".


Anonymous said...

I love his cap :)


Anonymous said...

How can you not just love that adorable little boy! I can't wait to hear him talk and see him walk. He is growing up so fast! Love you guys!

-Cousin Nicole

Jenn @ Munchkin Land said...

Such a healthy little boy! I can't believe he's talking already! Hudson really only says "Dada" and "done". That's it. No "mama" or "sissy" or "Devyn". Someday...

Amy, Griff is just beautiful! You and Joel definitely need to have another someday.

Aleah said...

I love that jacket : )

They all are just growing up too fast!!

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