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I'm terrified of the hantavirus. It is so disgusting and scary to me even though it is so rare. Yet another reason why I think God may have been mistaken when he created mice. Yuck....

Not sure why I was thinking about this again...probably because my sister's boyfriend made a video starring a guinea pig. He's quite talented.... Bryant, not the guinea pig:)


Aleah said...

Oh. Hantavirus. That sounds like what's been going around here!

So no pet mice for the boys?

We won't be having any here either. : )

Kelsey said...

He is indeed talented...and so weird! Unfortunately I can´t view the video here in Spain, but I can certainly imagine it! And I have seen pictures of "the creature." So gross! Love you Sassypants!


Kelsey said...

P.S. Are you going to participate in Jenn´s wedding dress challenge? I think you should! And since your baby sister is telling you to, you just HAVE to do it! :)


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