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The kids are sick and grumpy. We're going on two weeks now. Mom might be a little bit grumpy too. No running water today...plumber is here to put in the bathroom. Dust and grime everywhere from the jack-hammer work downstairs. Oh, and kids who desperately needed naps but the noise was too scary.

It has been a tiring day...

However, I'm really trying not to complain because we will have some brand new space in just a little while. I won't even remember this chaos. I've been thinking of paint colors, bathroom fixtures...and our pretty new bedroom coming to our home very soon! Through all of the grit and grime under my feet, I am dreaming of all the memories to be made in this lovely new part of our home.

Counting the days...and dreaming of pretty colors.

p.s. thinking of that cellini gold for the bathroom with white bead board trim and vanity.


Aleah said...

That's exciting! The color you're thinking of with white bead board, ohhh...that sounds beautiful!

Jenn @ Munchkin Land said...

Ohhh, love that cellini gold. That's going to look amazing. Do you and Parker feel like coming to Colorado to help me paint?

Wendy said...

That sounds pretty. You'll have to share some after pictures.

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