a little interruption

Yes, we have another birthday boy this week. Our little Griffin will turn one on the 7th. Holy Moly! We had our family gathering for his birthday this past weekend and it was just perfect. But the week leading up to it...oh my gosh.

Here is the short version: So after Tuesday's events with the Explorer vs. snow and all that drama, I hear on Wednesday morning that our power will be out the whole day because the electrician was coming to work on the house. I had about a half an hour to get the boys out of the house. We spent the whole day out and came back home around seven to find that only half our power was back on and our furnace was broken. Spent the night at my parent's house....which turned into four nights. Yes, it took them this long to fix the furnace. Oh, and the boys got sick. And then I did of course. After celebrating Griffin's birthday at my parent's home on Saturday night, we returned home on Sunday morning. Phew...I'm tired.

But we're happy to be home and so thankful for our home away from home. A warm bed in the middle of winter is a good thing. It was actually really fun have an unexpected vacation with my family. Birthday pictures to come...


jen said...

Wow! That was quite a week! I had no idea. Thankfully you have family in town. I can't imagine not being able to heat my home in this weather. You can always hang out here if you get desperate. We have lots of baby gear! :)

jen said...

...and we could play Guess Who! ;)

Jenn @ Munchkin Land said...

I was kind of wondering what happened to you! =) Glad to hear that everything is starting to calm down and that you had a place to go to. I hope things start melting soon...

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