I'm not proud...

Just got off the phone with my little sister...I just knew it was her calling! It goes with out saying, but I miss her. Her phone call made my day....my week. But here is something that she really didn't need to share with me:

Kels: I ate blood sausage.
Amy: No! Traitor! What exactly is that?

Kels: Exactly what it sounds like.

What is happening? This isn't supposed to go this way. No, not her....WE ARE PICKY!

When we sent her off to Spain, I really didn't think she'd change this much. You call this culture? This I am not proud of!

But Kels...who cut it for you? :)


LPDraper said...

We were offered this for breakfast every.single.morning when we were in Ireland. I'm happy to say that I politely declined every time.

"Blood" sausage??? Ummm... no thanks!

Aleah said...

Ugghhh that stuff is nasty. And did she like it?!

I wouldn't mind being over there....

jen said...

Disgusting :{

Jenn @ Munchkin Land said...

Ok, I was chuckling the whole time I read this post. I SO agree with you. The name in, and of itself, is disgusting! =)

Sarah said...

you forgot to mention if she thought it was good? It must be fun to live vicariously through her adventures:).

Kelsey said...

To answer the question everyone is asking, I did indeed like it! It might look and sound gross, but it is delicious!

Mimes, you are too cute! I miss you so much. I love you.


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