fall fun...

Who DOESN'T love fall? I'm in love with this season for so many reasons. One problem I have with it is that there are so many things to do together as a family and not enough time! We've enjoyed some great times together lately, including a family hike and a trip to the fair...

I think hiking ranks up there with reading with my kids as one of my favorite activities. I breathe in the fresh air, capture a glimpse of my family in their element... and it is bliss.

And what can beat watching a child's eyes light up after petting a chicken? My mom and I took Parker out to the fair the other night and it was so special! He was SO into the animals...especially the chickens! He asked if he could have one. My mom told him that was up to his mom and dad. I think that he should be able to get a chicken if I can get a mini horse and keep it in our dog run. Is that a deal, Joely? ;)) It is totally a win-win situation!


Wendy said...

that looks like fun! i love days like that!

Ruth said...

How fun! I think the animals are the best part about the fair ... oh and the food ;)

jen said...

Hey! Did you go down to Bowl and Pitcher? We went down there on Saturday morning and had a picnic down by the river. We hiked for about 3 hours with the littles--SO much fun!!!

It's practically down the hill from our house. I had no idea! It's gorgeous down there.

Anonymous said...

Hey Amy,
Andy and I met with the people that are selling our house tonight and we got to talking and one of the things that came up was that they have a farm and they raise miniature horses...crazy huh? I just had to pass that on. When you make your posts about different seasons in Spokane it really makes me miss it. That is one of the things I miss most is the 4 very distinct seasons in Spokane. Hope everything is going well. Love you and miss you guys tons! Give the boys hugs and kisses for me!


Joel said...

I'm sorry babe but we cannot get a mini horse. Don't forget, our children play in our dog run right now, so you can't have both children and a mini horse.


Brady and Berta said...


That is so funny! Kids love animals so much and it is so cute to watch them interact. I love fall too and I am missing it! It is still really stinkin hot down here and we don't really have fall. I am going to my parents for Halloween and I am so excited to smell the air and see the leaves changing and to have it get cold at night. Hooray!

Aminta said...

Hi Amy!
Autumn is my favorite season for sure! Perfect for sweaters, warm coffee, oatmeal, fall baking (summer is too warm to bake!).... dress-up and getting ready for the winter weather. You know, wood gathering, apple cider pressing, canning, the boys go hunting....which means the girls get to watch girly movies! YAY!
The miniture hourse thing is crazy! Although I cannot speak. Pete wants a pigmy goat! LOL
Have a wonderful fallish week!

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