just the two of us...

You know what I was thinking here? I was just bubbling over with love for my Griffin, whom I had met just moments before! What a good, good day.

I am reminiscing today because Parker and Joel are off at the lake and Griffin and I are alone and loving it! I love being able to devote all of my attention to just one child every now and then. I've noticed that Griffin has been acting a bit jealous lately because of the extra kids around and so I'm so happy we get to spend some time just the two of us.

To my Griff...

Oh, how I love you! You make me laugh all.day.long! Like yesterday, when you found the only mud puddle in the park...and swam in it. Even when I shouldn't be laughing, you flash your photo-op grin and I'm a gonner.

You know, you are exactly like your daddy. I mean, exactly. I don't know if there is a bit of mama in you...except maybe the crazy big eyes. Your appearance and your demeanor is just all daddy...which is maybe why I have a bit of a crush on you!

Your spirit, your heart, your humor, your energy, and your buttery tummy...all of you...your mama loves you forever.

Even when your throw your eggs at me.

love you, mama


Anonymous said...

I want to spend a day with Griffin too:) Have a good weekend & enjoy your special day with Griff. Love ya


Aleah said...

Sweet post! I'm sure Griffin will adjust soon, especially with the 1 on 1 time he's getting! : )

Brittany said...

Hey lady! I'm so glad you found me! :) I love reading your blog. Your kids are beautiful, and you look lovely!

One of these days, I'll make it back to WA!

Love you!


Liz @ My Full Cup said...

What a sweet post! How wonderful to be able to spend time alone together.

Sarah said...

What a sweet picture Amy! Sorry I've been a bit absent lately in the commenting department. Now that my own little man is here, I'm hoping life will settle into a nice routine soon. Three is definitely a challenge, but I'm sure we'll get the hang of it soon. I love your new blog design by the way and all the pictures. You're such a beauty my dear!
Love, Sarah

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