freaking lucky

photo: B., Griff, and Park watching the cars go by.

I'm not sure about other people, but my reflective thoughts do not come out in a poetic fashion. I am no poet...I guess beautiful words are not my specialty. My reflective thoughts come to me in this sort of way....
"YOU are so FREAKING lucky!!!"

Yeah, how is that for beautiful? The "freaking lucky" one keeps coming back to me...usually while I'm watching my boys play nice together (he he) and I'm just overwhelmed with love. Or when my husband tells me how much he loves me...or I come home to our cozy house...or when I get to spend time with our great families...or feel such love from friends. I don't deserve this.

But that is just the thing, I DON'T deserve this. And that is the beautiful part. In fact, if I got what I really deserved from my efforts, my life would resemble a pit. A big, fat pit. A slimy one. You think that is an exaggeration, but it is not. Most people with my faith background know this has nothing to do with luck. Some would call this amazing grace...or maybe just say that I've been blessed--which is true. But I apparently like to call it freaking lucky.

I have a good life and I'm so thankful...


Jenn @ Munchkin Land said...

Yes, you are lucky and so much the better for knowing it! =) I've been having a number of those moments lately, where I'm just amazed and thankful for the life I've been given. You and I are both "freaking lucky"!

Miss you!

Vintage Mommy said...

Yes, you ARE! And you look GREAT with 4 kids in-tow! :)

Did you make it home o.k. after the "bathroom stop"? I was cracking up!

Chic Mama said...

You crack me up! Here's to the "freaking lucky" in all of us!

Laura said...

I had so much fun catching up with you the other night, let's do it again soon! Any time you and Tara are going stir crazy, you are always welcome to come play with us!

Denise said...

followed you from vintage mommy.

you have a sweet blog.

what a sweet mommy heart you have.
i often laugh at the way i respond to my feelings of "blessed."

i love that you shared it.
you are "freaking lucky"

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