I like to be tagged. Not the real kind of tag in elementary school...the pretend, blogworld kind of tag where you get to write random things about yourself. This time I get six. Thank you, Anya:)

1. I usually don't stress about money...and I usually think that is great. But at this very moment, I am stressed about money and I don't think it is great. Ugh.

2. We've been eating pumpkin like it is going out of style. Pumpkin waffles, pumpkin yogurt, pumpkin bread, Pumpkin muffins....hmmmm.....oh, and Griffin eats pumpkin puree like it is candy! We love it. I wish I thought about using it more often. I'll be using it in our pumpkin chili for our annual Halloween party. We might just turn orange before the month is over.

3. Oh, Halloween!!! I can't wait! Griffin is going to be a bear because I found a bear costume in our garage that is size 24 months. No question about that one...he IS a bear most days. A very cute bear. And Parker wants to be a Power Ranger. I don't know how he even knows what a power ranger is! I've tried to change his mind but he is adamant. And Jack apparently is going to be a Power Ranger as well.

4. Just as I was deciding to do a series of picture posts, my camera broke!! Oh, what is a mama to do without a camera? I seriously think that it is torture. And it didn't help my #1 on this list. Bummer. However, I found information on Canon's website about a common problem they are finding with my model and will likely fix it for free! Woo Hoo!! But I need it back fast, or else;)

5. I'm reading Water Cooler Diaries...seriously so cool! I love reading about other people's lives in short snippets--which is sort of crucial for my lifestyle right now!

6. I must get off the computer right now. Right this very moment.....but I'm a professional procrastinator and I just don't feel like doing pilates right now. This is much more comfortable. Yep. I could do this sort of thing for a while:)


The Boggs Family said...

Amy, I loved getting to hang out today--- thank you so much. You have your hands full with 4 kiddos! But you handle it so well and they are all such sweet kids at that. (Plus, how can they not love hanging out with YOU?!!) :) If I haven't told you yet, I think you're wonderful. It was a great morning to be with you guys & Jack had a blast too. (Sorry for the scene as we left- we're working on our exit strategies. haha) Why are you stressed about money?... if it's any consolation, I CAN RELATE!!!!! Aghh, like you, I usually feel like this isn't a huge point of stress for me; trying always to be content with wherever God has us - be it in tight times or not. I'm sure you have already known this to be true and I keep reminding myself of this like a mantra when I get stressed: God always provides. Always, and always in perfect timing. I'm sorry about your camera. Oh, and one more thing (sorry this is so long!)-- you asked me today what it was I liked best about remodeling homes. It's not necessarily one thing (like tiling or picking paint colors even though I said that & do like those), it's watching the transformation. Giant hugs to you and your sweet family. Let's get together again soon, I'd love to if you're up for it? Thanks again for today!

Wendy said...

i'm w/you on the pumpkin. we've been doing the same! (see my blog for some more pumpkin recipes). :)

Melody said...


I jumped over from Anya's blog.

I would love to have your Pumpkin Chili recipe. I have never made it before, but am excited to try it. I've found a few recipes on-line, but some of them look a little sketchy. I'd love a recipe that's all ready been tried by a real life Mama : )

Kristen said...

Thanks for the pumpkin reminder. I always forget how much I love pumpkin until fall rolls around! And it is definitely fall here! Pumpkin is on the shopping list!
Love you guys!

Vintage Mommy said...

What great pumpkin ideas! Pumpkin yogurt? Do you add canned pumpkin to vanilla or plain yogurt?

Aleah said...

I'm curious about the pumpkin yogurt also

fun reading...now I MUST get off the computer ; )

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