Rough night with the kiddos and more snow this morning, but yesterday was spent sledding and hanging out with family...and even a Target run! Nothing better than that!


Anonymous said...

Fun - Good times


jenny said...

How in the world did you get your car out?

The Boggs Family said...

So fun! Where'd you go sledding? What cute pics - love that one of you & Joel together too. The blue skies and sunshine were perfect; wasn't it absolutely gorgeous on Saturday? Sorry it was a rough night last night --- we're familiar with those, so I definitely have sympathy pains. I'll pray tonight goes better for you all. Hey, how'd you set the pictures up in this cool layout style? Big hugs to you guys. Merry Christmas & I hope you have a wonderful week ahead. We miss you guys. (Are you going to Christmas eve service?) We're not sure yet, but would love to try and make it. We'll see how the kids are doing. ;) Love & hugs!

Aleah said...

Merry Christmas to you all!

Have fun in the snow!

Anonymous said...

That looks like "snow" much fun!!! Glad you had such a nice family day. Has Joel been off over the holidays?

Susan said...

Wow, the pictures are just great! We are hot here in Florida and I always wish for just a little more "cool" so we could actually "pretend" it's winter.



Sandy said...

hi amy - looks like a blast! happy new year!

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