dear mr. weatherman

Dr Mr. Weatherman,

I know you do your very best....but really? This is it? Where are our 12 + inches of snow? Where is our blizzard? I had my hopes up to be snowed in. Do you have children? How am I supposed to tell my three year old that he has to keep making his snow angels in frozen slush? And just so you know...sub-zero temperatures are soooo not as cool as a snow storm. Totally not cool. But we forgive you, Mr. Weatherman. In the spirit of Christmas, I will give you one more chance. But only one.

Yours Truly,

Lady in Waiting (for snow)

p.s. I've attached a few pictures for your enjoyment. You may notice their very disappointed faces. Please do better next time. For the sake of the children...


Jennisa said...

you can have some of ours!!! :)

Hope you are doing well! I have you on my google reader, so I've been keeping up with you! 'm just a bad commenter!

Anonymous said...

Come over to our house. We have snow, and it is suppose to snow some more this week :) Love ya


jen said...

Tell me about it! My family and Phil's family back in California (where it NEVER snows) had snow all weekend. My little sis in Seattle is enjoying snow, too!

Susan said...

I so WISH we could be where it snows even if only for a little bit. It's actually kind of hot here today and I know that's a blessing to some, but to me...not so much.

Love the pictures.

:-) Susan

Dan said...

I guess your wish came true a little later than you had hoped. lol

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