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Just a couple of things I want to share. Possibly boring if you're not a parent...but not to me!

~This article in Parents Magazine, Oct 08, Is My Child Too Sick for School? This topic has been a great mystery for me and now I'm glad that I have an accessible resource to legitimize my thoughts!

~I recently read Beyond Time-Out. It has really great, practical information on how to attack some common parenting problems. I especially appreciated the Ladder Technique.

~We've been listening to Backyardigans: Born To Play for quite a few months now, and we're still not tired of it! The music is fun for kids and adults and it is quite eclectic! Love it!


The Boggs Family said...

Good morning! :) What'd the parenting magazine article say about whether our kids are too sick to go to school or not?

Haven't heard the Backyardagins yet, but I'll keep a mental note next time I see that at the store. ;) You are such a great Mom! Hope you have a terrific day - it's gorgeous out this morning, eh? Nice change from the rain - especially when our kids are probably itching to play outside...

Vintage Mommy said...

You'll have to let us know what you found out about childhood illness and school!

What's the Ladder Technique?

Amy... said...

I think if you click on the links, it should take you to the article and the Ladder Technique. Let me know if it doesn't work! amy

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