sweet stripes

I don't eat tons of junk food. I'm not a total health-nut, but I tend to be fairly disciplined. However, I have this little problem this time of the year...

Bob's Sweet Stripes

I have a hard time not eating the whole bag. They're old-fashioned, soft peppermint sticks. Yum! Watch out 2009...I might just have a mouthfull of rotten teeth!


Alan and Laurie said...

Yummmm, these look sooo good! We got your Christmas card, so sweet.

Now you have inspired me to get mine out, I used to be so good at that...

Merry Christmas!
btw, where do you get the peppermint sticks?

Vintage Mommy said...

88 cents at Wal Mart! Ask me how I know! :)

Kelly said...

Amy I'm brand new to your blog but it so cute! I love all things pepermint.

Brittany said...

Hello love! I got your Christmas card in the mail the other day. THANK YOU! You're family is beautiful, as always :)

I miss you ... and I'm still working on getting over to Spokane when I'm home.

Let's chat soon?!

Liz @ My Full Cup said...

Oh yum! I have never had soft peppermint sticks...but now I am thinking I want to try them! :-)

Amy said...

soft peppermint sticks?! sounds AWESOME! i bet you like the peppermint salt water taffy too? my favorite :) oh and peppermint patties? heavenly!

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