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I found these little signs on the outside of Brooklyn's "office". I think they are the rules she made for her space....so darling.

I'm in the process of making a thankful wreath with the four kiddos. Today, we cut out paper leaves, and then I had each child tell me what they were thankful for and I wrote each item on their leaves. They are almost done coloring the leaves and we will glue them tomorrow. It is so fun to get inside their heads and hear what makes them tick. Here are some of the things the kids are thankful for...

Brooklyn (note her very mature answers--she's five!)- "my mom, my dad, my brother, Daisy the dog, friends, My God"

Parker(3.5)-"going to the lake,riding in race cars, riding on motorcycles, God, Mama, Daddy, Griffin"

Tallan (2)- "ME!" Yes, he is thankful for himself--he is very self assured!

Griffin (1.9)- "Daddy!"

And by the way, Parker HAS NEVER ridden in a race car or on a motorcycle....I think he confused me with Santa Claus...geesh. Motorcycle? Not on your life, mister:)


Anonymous said...


Vintage Mommy said...
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Vintage Mommy said...

Parker didn't say "Cars from Jenny's house"? Hmmm...

See--you ARE creative. I should put you in charge of crafts.

Jennifer said...

I love the "thankful" wreath idea! Happy Fall!!!

Elise said...

I love the delight you are taking in *all* of your children! :) It is a joy to read here and find you basking in the little things.

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