Ha... Gotcha!! I betcha thought I was going to talk politics. Won't catch me talking about that here. Too bad. So sad:)

But I have to tell you that I'm listening to some classic Christmas music at this very moment while still enjoying my Halloween decorations! I know that would drive most of you crazy, but it is MY HOUSE and it is MY FREEDOM! I know many people get very worked up about the commercialism of the holidays starting so early, but I'll let you in on a little secret....I think it is great!! When else do we spend so much money on OTHER people? Why is it so bad? And if you don't like all of the Christmas stuff out right now, then don't you dare buy a gift before Thanksgiving! The stuff is out because we buy it...and the cycle continues!

Wow. Didn't know I was so passionate about that one. You won't catch me talking about politics, but I will sure as heck tell you what I think about the holidays!

Okay, so back to politics for one little minute...I voted by mail. Love that I didn't have to stand in line. It totally is the way to go. I'm ready for tomorrow when all of this will be over...mainly because I'm tired of the division it has caused in all sorts of circles. It is totally ridiculous. The end.

Deck the Halls!!! Happy Christmas Season!


AndiMae said...

You're the best! And I almost, almost pulled out my Mindy Smith Christmas cd the other day, but I just couldn't do it. Not for another couple of weeks...

Sean said...

This post totally cracks me up!


Sarah said...

I'm right there with you sister! I'm actually going to do a blog post soon asking for people's favorite Christmas CDs. And I too am glad this election is over. I was so sick of political ads!
Love, Sarah

Stephanie said...

I like early Christmas too. Especially now that I have kids - it's just fun. We're going to a tree lighting (so long as everyone is well by then) on Sunday.

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