for the love of blankies...

Life is a bit messy here--literally. The dust is coming up through the vents from the construction downstairs and the men in the house are having a tough time with their allergies. We've got dust and snot galore:) But we are blessed and life is good... Been feeling so full and thankful this week. That is sure a good place to be.

I'm thankful for Parker's sweet nature...even the parts that drive me crazy!

Like his obsession with his blankies:)

This book has become one of Parker's favorites. Owen is a story about a little boy mouse who has a blanket named Fuzzy and his parents try everything to try to get him to give it up. The story seems to be written just for our boy. Parker has been attached to both of his blankies since he was about three months old. He has one big blanky and one little blanky...they go everywhere with us. And here is the strange part...I like it! I must admit that I might have encouraged the blanky attachment with both of the boys. I'm not sure how he ended up needing two of them...and now Griffin has at least four! I literally have to hide them from the boys to be able to get them in the washing machine. Yuck! And now the boys are having fun stealing them from one another and fighting over them. Of course! Oh, for the love of blankies...


Aleah said...

Blankies, blankies everywhere over here too!
And I like it also.

I bet you're counting down the days until you have the house to yourself!

Feeling full & thankful IS such a GREAT place to be!

Love, Aleah

jen said...

I still have mine (from 1974)! :)

Kristen said...

Well, when ever mine wash being washed, I used to stand by the washing machine until it was done. My mom thought I was so pitiful that she finally just cut it in two so I could trade off. But good for you for washing them, we all know what happens when they never get washed, I'm not going to say any names though!

Kati said...

We are a blankie family too...in fact, I still sleep with mine...shhh!

Kallen's is so worn out and stained, that I'm embarrassed to take it out and about with us...much to my dismay however, it goes EVERYWHERE!

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