1.15.08 !!!

Sad but true.

I've been waiting for Jan 15th to arrive for months! And now it is here and I'm so excited for the show to start. Yep, it is American Idol time again! Although this year is a different story, I usually feel a little bit down in the dumps during January and February so having something fun and relaxing to look forward to during the dead of winter is a good thing. Couldn't come at a better time. I'm supposed to be at small group but we've got a sicky and it is my turn to stay home. But honestly, I don't really mind tonight because I get to curl up on the couch with my kettle corn and celebrate the beginning of Idol season. Sure, I'll be alone, but hopefully I'll be watching it with Tara tomorrow night!


Jennisa said...

I watched it! I watched it!!!! What did you think of the blond with the curly hair that was a cage fighter? She was my favorite of the night!!!

anya* said...

oh so fun! i was right there with you- jer had to work tonight so i was cozy on the couch by myself too:) love, love this time of year!

the dentons said...

Hi Amy! It's Elizabeth Moritz, now Denton. I've been checking out your blog from Aleah's page ever since I started one a few months ago. Hope you're well. Your kids are adorable! I saw your Christmas card at my mom's house. Looking forward to catching up with you through the blog. elizabeth

Sandy said...

Hi Amy, we love AI. Our whole family watches it together and I agree - something fun to look forward to on these freezing, cold nights! That and our hot tub - ha.

Jenn @ Munchkin Land said...

Oh Amy, I'm sorry to hear about the sickness that's invaded your house. Its the pits, isn't it?!

I was able to watch some while caring for the kids last night but I'm looking forward to watching more diligently tonight. I did manage to see the one with the Princess Leia buns. Interesting...

Aleah said...

Sounds like quite the entertainment reading the comments here! Princess Leia buns? Cage Fighter? I did see a clip of the "We're brothers forever" guy.
That show sure brings out the nuts in the beginning! : )

Have a fun weekend!

Love, Aleah

Sarah said...

Ah, the addictive shows, gotta love em! Hope your January is treating you well.
Love, Sarah

Karl Marx said...
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