Tow trucks are always a favorite in our house of boys...but now I have a favorite--the one that pulled my Explorer out of the ice and snow this morning! We were high-centered and stuck in ice yesterday and then the city plowed us in this morning. There really was no hope of getting out until spring--which was altogether depressing! But then I remembered that we have tow service on our auto insurance. One call and the whole thing was in motion. I have to say that the sweet guy that pulled the car out was not a happy camper today and didn't think my situation was that funny! I have no idea why:) Thank God for insurance. And now I can be thankful for all of this snow--now that I'm not stranded...

Isn't it beautiful? My Dad sent me this picture taken near their house.


Liz said...

The snow is very beautiful. We have had so much of it this winter. I don't mind it...it's the bitter cold that I get tired of!

Yea for tow trucks! :)

Liz said...
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Jenn @ Munchkin Land said...

Oh my! =) I'm glad to hear that you've been rescued. Hope the snow is starting to melt!

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