a very bad thing...

Sooooo....I did a very bad thing. We threw a big old party for my husbands 30th birthday last night and a certain someone neglected to take pictures. Seriously, none. I take that back...I took one of Parker and Joel before the party began. Nice. My husbands first major birthday in nine years and I don't even take a picture. I thought of it often and every time I went to get my camera I would run into someone and start chatting. Ack! And everyone looked so good!

So if you are reading this, and you happened to be at our little shin dig and you happened to take some pictures (before 1 am please, I'm G rated here)....please send me your favorites! Pretty please. And then no one even has to know:)

By the way, it was a darn good party. Thank you to everyone involved...so much! Love, Amy


Kelsey said...

Oh Sassypants, it really was a great party! Megan took a really cute picture of the four of you (Griff isn't looking, but it's great besides that!). I will pass it on to you as soon as she sends it my way. Love you!


AndiMae said...

You seriously did throw one great party, Amy! Everyone there looked like they were having lots of fun :) Sorry I don't have any pictures- I actually purposely left my camera at home!

P.S. Did I tell you that so far I am really enjoying my very first season of watching American Idol?

Jenn @ Munchkin Land said...

Oh Amy, it sounds like such a wonderful party! Its moments like these that I wish we lived closer to each other. Please give our belated birthday wishes!

Aleah said...

Tell Joel "Happy 30th Birthday" from all of us over here!

Philip will be celebrating his next Oct. : )

Elise said...

How sad! I've done that, too. It sounds like a wonderful time!

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