*snow fun*

We've been having some good days here as a family. Things are crazy as always, but we've had some improvement with Parker's listening skills ;) in the past few days. We're having so much fun! We've had quite a bit of snow this year. This is the kind of snowfall I remember from when I was a kid. Parker and I played outside for a little bit today and he practiced his photography skills and even made a not so cute snowman. Parker told me it was his favorite part of the day so far. Just wait until gymnastics little man! Yep, he's starting his first gymnastics class this afternoon. I think he is going to enjoy it so much. He loves structure and activity so hopefully this will be a match. Plus, it will get me to the gym...which is...um...good for me, I guess!


Sue said...

I love the snowman, Parker, and I love the hair cut, Griffin!!
Love Moo-ma

Jenn @ Munchkin Land said...

Love the snow pictures! Its been like that here for a while now. =) Hope you enjoyed the gym. =)

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